Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit post - Ultraviolence

Good morning dear people!!
Can you believe that it's already 20th of August?
Two more weeks and the sweater weather will be ON big time.
I have a feeling that Summer lasted for like 3 weeks, but nope,
it's been lasting much longer than that and as much as I'm sad to
start putting my summer clothes away, I'm also excited to bring
some warmer clothes out and also shop for some new pieces.
Couple of days ago I was just taking a walk downtown and as I've
passed by Max Mara display window, I saw a perfect Winter coat,
it just had my name written all over it.
I had to go in and try it on and luckily, it fitted me perfectly, so now
my quest on getting a Winter coat is solved!
Next on my list are pair of great Winter boots and since I have such
a large foot size, I think that this will last for a while until I find the
perfect pair in my size.

How about you? Did you make a Fall/ Winter wish list? What's on it?

I'm now getting ready to go to the gym which is just what I need to make me
feel better, since I didn't get much sleep last night and I need something
to wake me up.
Later on today I have some small errands to take care of and I'll be meeting
with a friend for a coffee.

Have a beautiful Wednesday everybody!
Here's an outfit which I wore couple of days ago while it was still sunny
and warm in my city.

I'm wearing: Dress - Mango, Sandals - Aldo, Earrings - Chanel,
Ring & bag - HOH1960, Bracelet - JCrew

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Outfit post - Rainy morning

Good morning my dear readers!
As the title of my post says, I woke up to a rainy and chilly
morning. I just had my breakfast and am packing my gym
bag and will head there after I write this blog post.
The best way to kick start the beginning of new week and
avoid feeling down about the rain is to get a little bit sweaty
at the gym :)

I'm stuck with tons of papers regarding my student visa for
my course on NYFA and I'm aaaaalmost there with having
everything sorted out. Luckily I still have 2 months left until
I have to leave to NYC so I'll be in time, but since I'm a perfectionist
and at times control freak, I'd like the whole process to have been
much shorter and smoother.
I'm currently looking at Airbnb apartments and trying to find a suitable
one in which I can live for 2 months while I stay in New York.
Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll find a nice little spot near the academy.

How are you guys? How was your weekend?
We had two lovely, sunny days on Sat and Sun, so I've spent them outside,
walking, exploring my own city, soaking up the sun rays, eating good food
and just hoping that the Summer would last a tiny little bit longer... :)

Here's an outfit which I wore yesterday!

I'm wearing: Top - J Crew, Bag - Chanel, Sandals - Vagabond, Shorts - Zara,
Sunglasses - Celine, Ring, earrings & cuff - Deni design

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Outfit post - West coast

Hello everybody! Can you believe that it's already Friday!
I just came back from the gym and I feel so energised to
take care of some errands that I need to run and in general,
to use this day to the maximum.
Lately, I've been really paying attention to how I spend my days.
I'm trying my best to have productive days as much as possible,
not just in terms of working but also in terms of wether it's learning
something new, having a coffee in a new cafe, cooking a new meal,
really... Whatever! I'm just thinking that so often I'd get depressed or
fall into some kind of "comfortable" routine and I've realised that
all of my days were pretty much the same and weren't going to bring
me closer to my dreams in that "tempo".

Today is also a lovely and sunny day in Helsinki, so I'll just shut down
my laptop now and head to the city! I'd suggest you to do the same,
challenge yourself to do something new and exciting every 2-3 days or
at least every week :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Dress - Free People, Bag - H&M conscious
collection, Cuff & ring - HOH1960, Earrings - Chanel

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Outfit post - Nowhere fast

Hello my dear readers!
This Wednesday started so well for me, I've gone back to the
gym after 2 months of break. Ok, I wasn't a couch potato for
the past 2 months, actually quite the opposite, but I could totally
feel it today that I wasn't in the best condition when I've stepped
on the treadmill. Working out always gives me such a great feeling
afterwards. I feel like I have cleared my thoughts, I can think better,
I feel more confident in my body and I feel much happier.
Looking forward to Friday and working out some more. :)

Here's a super girly outfit which I really like a lot. I felt like a
real princess in this skirt, it won my heart right after I saw it
at Zara and I knew that I just needed to have it in my closet.
What do you think of this outfit?

I hope that you're all having great day and that the sun is still
shining wherever you are right now. That's the first thing I'm
being thankful about every morning when I wake up.
Sun is my medicine for everything, it heals anything. :)

I'm wearing: Skirt - Zara, Top - Mango, Bag - Chanel, Shoes - Calvin Klein,
Ring - Deni design, Earrings - Tory Burch

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfit post - Shades of cool

Hello Monday and goodbye holidays...
This is my first work-mode day and my little daughter starts
her preschool as well, so bye-bye waking up late and spending
full days just roaming the hometown or cities of Europe :)
It was such a great Summer, full of beautiful and relaxing moments.

This past weekend we took a family road trip through mid Finland and
that was a really lovely experience.
In 7 years of living in Finland, I can now say that I have traveled a lot in
this country and saw it from North to South, West to East.

Here's an outfit which I wore yesterday when we went for a walk after
we've arrived back to Helsinki. My butt was hurting from so much time
spent sitting in the car that I was craving a nice, long walk so much! :D

I hope that all of you had great weekend too and are ready to cease the
new working week with charged batteries!

I'm wearing: Jeans & top - Mango, Bag - Mansur Gavriel, Shoes - Vagabond,
Sunglasses, earrings & ring - HOH1960, Bracelets - Accessorize, Belt - &otherstories

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outfit post - Paris tee

Hello to Wednesday a beautiful and sunny Wednesday!
I'm SO thankful for every sunny moment that I get to spend 
outside... Those are the moments that I've been dreaming about 
the whole Winter and Spring which wasn't really Spring in Finland 
but more like a mild Winter. 

Anyway, my point is that some things you can not buy with money 
and they are the things/ moments like these, endless daytime lights, 
sunny days, hot nights, testing all possible ice cream flavours, walking 
everywhere and discovering my own city all over again. 

However, I'm a big time gypsy kind of girl, so I can't stay anywhere 
for too long, so it comes naturally that I love to travel and one of the 
places/ cities that I'd love to visit someday soon is Paris. 
Yep, I've never been to Paris, but hopefully that wish will come true too. 
For now, I'll just enjoy this tee and dream of all the beautiful things I 
want to do in the future :) . 

I hope that you're all having a great day and if you're somewhere where 
the sun is not shining at the moment, I'm sending you some sun rays 

I'm wearing: Sunglasses - Chanel, Tee - Kenzo, Shoes - Birkenstock, 
Skirt - Zara, Earrings - Tory Burch, Bracelet - Marc By Marc Jacobs, 
Bag - Guliver, Ring - Deni design

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Outfit post - Change your life

Hello Monday!! 
I love waking up to sun rays every single day! We've been so 
blessed with beautiful and sunny days in Helsinki. I know I've 
said this before, but this is such a rare thing in my city/ country that 
I need to be thankful out loud (every time I write a blog post) :D 

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun or went more 
low key? 
I've been walking all over the city for hours, just breathing in the fresh 
air, meeting friends for coffee and loving life. 
I'm finally back on track after super hard May and June, being lost in 
July and trying to figure things out but August kicked off on the right 
note. I can hardly wrap my head around the though that in 2 months 
from now I'll be on the way to New York!!! 
Can't wait to live there for a bit... Of course the main thing is my 
course on the Film Academy, but living in The Apple comes together with 
it :D

Are you ready to go on this ride with me? :) I'll surely document everything 
on my blog, so that you can follow my journey. 
I'm just a young girl with dreams larger than life trying to make my way through 
in this crazy, but beautiful world and if I can inspire somebody with my journey 
then it's a huge reward for me and this blog, as well as my photography.

Have a great start to this week! 

Here's what I'm wearing: Jumpsuit - Mango, Shoes - Birkenstock, Bag - Zara, 
Earrings & ring - Deni design, Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs

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