Saturday, January 24, 2015

Zagreb: Day 4

Hello my dear readers! It's a weekend and
almost an end of January! Can you believe that? :O
My lovely trip in Zagreb is over and I'm already back
home but I would like to share the photos and highlights
from the last day of the trip.

I'm so happy that I have met so many dear friends and
have made some new ones.
Every trip I have ever been to has always enriched me in
so many ways that I'm already now planning on going away
to another trip.
Travelling is something that will never get boring or tiring for
me. I love travelling, exploring... I see it as an investment in
bettering yourself and your everyday life.

Here's my little photo diary, hope you'll enjoy it! :)

May you all have a great Saturday!!

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Sightseeing Zagreb

Old locomotive from 19th century

Main train station in Zagreb - gorgeous

August Senoa - poet 

King Tomislav

Fantastic cafe - Velvet

Incredible street art!!!

Lunching with my man and one of my oldest and 
dearest friends 

Scallion soup at Bio bistro Zrno

Falafel with tahini bread, tahini and salad

Main street in Zagreb - Ilica

Meeting gorgeous blogger and friend 
was such a lovely ending to this trip 

Bye bye Zagreb

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zagreb: Day 3

Good Thursday everybody! 
One more beautiful and activity filled day in Zagreb is behind 
and also in front of me. 
This is my last day in Zagreb on this trip and it's a bittersweet 
feeling. This city is always so good to me and I'm thankful for 
every single person that I've met so far. 

Today I've met a new, amazingly heartwarming and inspiring girl 
who's blog I've been reading for years now. 
It's so inspiring to meet people who fill your heart with happiness 
with their openness and welcoming smile! I felt like we've known 
each other for forever. :)
If you're interested to "meet" this girl as well, check her blog HERE!

For lunch today, I'm meeting with one of my oldest, childhood friends. 
I'm so excited to see her since it's been actually years that we've 
seen each other. 
It's funny how life works and sometimes it's so hard to see 
some dear people as much as we'd like to.

Here's the photo diary! Stay tuned for more! :)

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Walking through the city centre 

At a favourite Italian restaurant in Zagreb, 

Croatian National Theatre - stunning!!

Meeting another dear friend whom I haven't 
seen in forever!

How cute is this tea tray at Aida? :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zagreb: Day 2

Good morning once again everybody!
How are you all doing? Zagreb has been treating me
so nice yesterday that I woke up way too early this morning
out of excitement that it's a new day of exploring, meeting some
new people, some old friends and testing some new restaurants.
Oh my! I could never believe that Zagreb will ever be one of the
"food meccas" in Europe and it definitely IS!
There're so many amazing food spots all over the city that it's
I'm vegan/ vegetarian, while my husband and daughter are both
meat eaters so it's hard to find restaurants where we can all three
enjoy our food equally and in Zagreb, that's not a problem. :)

As I've already mentioned, I have been shopping a little bit
yesterday and two stores that definitely stand out in Zagreb are
amazing Maria Store and Nicolas Concept Store, both located in
the city centre.
I can't wait to show you what I got, but both items are for Spring/ Summer,
so I'll have to wait a little bit until I can wear them and present them
in the "right" way, in an outfit post.

Enough of mumbling, here's a photo diary and stay tuned for the
next one! :)

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Sightseeing Zagreb

Dolac, Farmer's market

Museum of broken relationships is one of the most 
unique museums I have ever been to!! 

St. Mark's church

Streets of Zagreb

Croatian Parliament 

Visiting the hot spot place, Mundoaka - 

Instagram fan! :D 

Tuna tataki with ginger

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cous cous 
and melted mozzarella cheese

Ban Jelacic square

At Maria Store

Dinner at another great spot, Bistroteka!

Cous cous, roasted pumpkin, kale, 
chickpeas and onion salad

Beef skewers on a toasted bread 

Bistroteka interior 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zagreb: Day 1

Good morning my dear readers!
I'm sending you lots of greetings from my current location,
Zagreb! I always love to come back to visit this city.
There's just something charming about it and it has def. developed
a lot in the past couple of years.
It's fun and interesting to just wonder around it's streets and
explore all of the new opened places from restaurants and cafes, to
shops, museums, etc.

I have arrived here yesterday afternoon and was so tired from having
to wake up very early in the morning ( 4 am ) and change two planes
to finally land here, so I didn't do much, but I did meet with my dear
cousin which I've known ever since I was only couple of months old
baby. :)

Today will be a shopping and sightseeing day, since the following two
days will be all about business and meeting friends, so... Girl's gotta
do what a girl gotta do, or something like that! :D

Here's a mini photo diary for you and stay tuned for the next one coming
tomorrow! KISSES TO YOU ALL!!

Having a morning tea at the airport in a really 
cool tea cup! Such a smart design!

Johan & Nyström at Terminal 1 ( Helsinki airport ), 
definitely worth the visit

I always love looking through the window when 
I'm on a flight... Magical view!

Tunnels of Frankfurt airport :)

Delicious blueberry cake at McCafe 

To keep the balance, I had this "fitness salad" 
for vegetarians at Deli Bros, my favourite stop 
spot when at Frankfurt airport

Finally in Zagreb, Cvijetni square

This was my choice for the dinner, 
amazing vegetable stew at Cuspajz restaurant. 
HIGHLY recommended to all soup lovers out there!

Having a coffee with my cousin at 
Boban cafe

Their Zvonimir cake is amazing!

Zagreb looks beautiful!

Time to go to bed :)

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