Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Outfit post - Happiness is...

Good Wednesday everyone!!
How are you doing? Did you had nice Easter holidays?
I'm so glad that the holidays are over, even though I have
used them very well and I did get a much needed peaceful
time of doing nothing, but just enjoying the sunny weather.
My batteries are recharged and SO ready for this shortened
working week.

As you already know from my previous posts, there're only
3 days left until my exhibition opens and I couldn't be more
excited about this!! Can't wait to see all of the works hanging
on the gallery's walls :)

Today was yet another sunny day in Helsinki and I had few
things to take care of downtown. I had a meeting and also
I've met with my sister for a nice coffee and chit-chat.
I'm now waiting for a phone interview and after that I'm finally
going to get my dining table and chairs.
I have ordered them 7 weeks ago and they have FINALLY arrived.
Yep, this whole time + some more since the move to new flat, I've
been eating on my sofa or on my bed.

Talk to you soon my dear readers! Enjoy this day as much as you can,
because the happiness is hidden in the small things/ pleasures :)

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Pour La Victorie, Jeans - Marc by Marc Jacobs,
Top - Esprit, Cardigan - Free People, Bag - Limited edition Conscious collection
by H&M, Bracelets - random/ no name, Necklace - Accessorize

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Outfit post - Dare

Happy Easter Monday everyone!
This is the last day of Easter holidays, so I hope that you've
enjoyed them with your family and that you had some nice
Easter treats :)

I had such an amazing weekend, I couldn't wish for better.
My city is finally blessed with lots of sunshine and warm
weather, so I've been spending lots of time outside in long
walks throughout the city and in the nature.

This weekend, in 6 days only is the opening evening of my
exhibition! There's so much to do before that, but I'm so excited
and fuelled with energy :)

I'm now getting ready to go for a nice morning walk and a
coffee/ brunch later on.
The sun is shining and that's all I can think of, so therefore,
bye-bye laptop for now and hello outdoors :D

Enjoy this day sweets!

I'm wearing: Skirt and leather jacket- Zara, Shoes - Calvin Klein,
Bag - Guliver, Blouse - Limited edition Conscious collection by H&M,
Rings - Tiia Vanhatapio, Earrings - Tory Burch

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

4 outfit ideas for Spring

Hi girls!
How are you doing? Are you all on your Easter holidays?
I had a nice and easy going day yesterday which felt good
for a change from all the crazy busy and stressful days that
I had lately.
Today I woke up to a beautiful, sunny day so I'm planning to
spend the most of it outside and soak up the sun's energy :)

Warmer and sunnier days make me crave for lighter and more
colourful clothes. I can't wait to finally store my Winter coat away
together with all the boots and scarves... I'm after all a "sea child",
so the less clothes I need to put on, the better :)

Here're 4 ideas which I've put up using Polyvore, my favourite tool
to create collages like these ones.
I hope you like my suggestions on what to wear this Spring and if
you do have your favourite outfit, please let me know in the comments,
I'm very interested to hear your opinions.

Have a beautiful Saturday and a happy and relaxed Easter tomorrow!

                                                   -Maison Scotch baseball jacket
                                                   -Alexander Wang tee
                                                   -Celine bag
                                                   -Tory Burch bracelet
                                                   -Juicy Couture bracelet
                                                   -New Balance sneakers
                                                   -Isabel Marant shorts

-Miu Miu sunglasses
-Alexander Wang top
-JCrew skirt
-Balenciaga leather jacket
-Marc By Marc Jacobs watch, 
earrings and bag
-Dolce&Gabbana pumps 

-Chanel earrings
-NSF boyfriend jeans
-Zoe Karssen sweatshirt
-Rachel Zoe bangle
-Chanel backpack
-Converse sneakers
-River Island leather jacket

-Burberry trench
-Tory Burch dress
-Balenciaga bag
-Chanel espadrilles
-Neimann Marcus fedora hat
-House of Harlow 1960 earrings and ring

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outfit post - Balance

Good Thursday afternoon !!
I have started this morning by going to the gym and that
felt so good.
I love to start my day as productive as possible, so after the
gym I have sent a bunch of letter invitations to my exhibition.
I can't believe that there's a little bit over a week left until the
opening. Exciting!!!

All of the prints are ready and I got to check through all of them
yesterday. Since everything looked perfect, photos are now in
final, mounting period.
Can't wait to put them all up on the gallery's walls.

Biggest daily newspaper in Finland Iltalehti wrote about my
upcoming exhibition and that was such a nice surprise which
I woke up to yesterday morning. Universe, please keep them
coming my way, I have no complaints :D

Just a quick note about my outfit... These sneakers are the most
comfortable sneakers ever! I'm not kidding, when I walk in them,
it feels as if I'm walking on clouds!
I'm totally embracing the latest trend of combining casual or less
casual outfits with sneakers.

Uh, now I remembered that I need to get myself a pair of shoes
for the opening of my exhibition! Good thing is that Shopbop are
having a sale going on ( one more day only ), so I think that I'll
click-order something from there :)

Have a nice day everybody!

I'm wearing: Sneakers - New Balance, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden,
Jacket - Asos, Blouse - Samuji, Sweater - Burberry, Bag - Celine,
Bracelet - Balenciaga

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit post - Trapeze

Hello Tuesday and hello everybody!
I'm catching a moment to write this post before a nice
pampering time with my sister.
We're going for a full time girly day - going for a coffee,
visit to the hairdresser and some little retail therapy :)

This whole year has been so stressful for me and I barely
had any breather, so it feels great to have a day like this one.
Just relax and do something nice for myself.

Yesterday was a very important day for me. I have put all of the
photos for the upcoming exhibition into print and in 2 days I'll
already be able to check the prints.

I have also tested out a highly hyped about restaurant Bronda and
it met all of my expectations! The food was delicious and the interior
was completely different than what I'm used to see in Helsinki's
I can def. recommend you this place if you're visiting Helsinki and want
to have a delicious meal.

Finally, I want to introduce you to my new Trapeze friend which I got
last weekend and I can't get enough of it! It's perfect bag for me!

Enjoy this day girls!

I'm wearing: Bag - Celine, Coat - Isabel Marant, Scarf - COS,
Shoes - Calvin Klein, Ring - HOH1960, Bracelet - Balenciaga,
Jeans - Acne, Blouse - Gani, Blazer - Rachel Zoe

Monday, April 14, 2014

My latest two photo shoots

Good Monday dear readers!
I had a crazy busy weekend, but I've got so much out of
that and I'm very excited to share everything with you, but for
now I'm sharing these edited photos from the latest two photo
shoots out of which one was on Saturday.

I'm running late now, so I'll write more in my next post, but for
now I leave you with the photos and please let me know your
opinions :)

* for more of my works check out my website *

Friday, April 11, 2014

Outfit post - Mine

Well, look at that! It's already the end of week and
the weekend is here. I've had the craziest week in a long
time and I'm glad that tomorrow it will be over...
I'm having a final photo shoot tomorrow for my upcoming
exhibition and it feels so exciting and nerve wrecking at the
same time.

I had a photo shoot yesterday as well and I'm so happy with
how the photos turned out. I will share them with you in one
of my next posts.

Yesterday was also a very important day because I had an
interview for a big women's magazine here in Finland and I'm
so happy with how it went. The story will be out in 2-3 weeks
so when I have some scans, I'll share them too :)

Tomorrow is all about the already mentioned photo shoot and
the evening is reserved for Indie Days blog awards.
It's my 1st time attending any awards regarding blog world and
I'm very excited to attend.

What are your plans for this weekend?

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Coat - Burberry, Scarf - Kenzo,
Bag & blouse - Zara, Top - Burberry, Blazer - Mango, Sunnies - Celine

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