Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday quote

Good evening dear readers!
Just a really quick post today, I've been the whole day
on the run. There's one quote which caught my eye today
and I feel like sharing it with you.
It's by one of my favourite authors, Doreen Virtue and
I can highly recommend you her books, pretty much all of them!

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Outfit post - Layers

Oh yes, it's cold outside and I have already started
a hunt for Winter clothes and accessories, such as hats,
gloves and scarf. I'm this kind of person which NEEDS
to stay warm, otherwise I get extra cranky and I can not
function properly.

I've been running around like crazy ever since landing from
Croatia, yesterday afternoon.
I have a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow and there're all
sorts of props that I've needed to get as well as clothes/ jewellery.
It's so exciting to finally do a photo shoot, esp. after I had to postpone
my course at NYFA to next year.

I'll inform you more with the details about and from the photo shoot
in one of my weekend's posts but for now, enjoy my simple, casual
outfit which I wore this morning.

Stay safe and remember to check back here tomorrow for a new post! :)

I'm wearing: Boots -Frye, Jeans - Diesel, Coat - Max Mara, Bag - Givenchy,
Blouse - Mango, Sweater - COS, Scarf - Burberry, Ring - Deni design,
Earrings - House of Harlow 1960, Bracelet - Balenciaga

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

October outfit ideas

Good evening dear people!!
I'm back home in Helsinki and am back with a new post.
This time, I'll be short with my ramblings as I'm SO tired
and I need to catch up on sleep. Flying is exhausting, but
nothing stops me from being loyal to my Blogtober quest! :)
Can you believe that in 8 days it will be end of this month?
Crazy how the time flies!

I've created three different outfit ideas for you on what to
wear right now ( of course it varies from the countries / places
in the world you live in, but you get the point ;) ).
I hope that you will find this post helpful and inspiring!

*H&M blouse/ Frame denim jeans/ Noc + Zoe cardigan,
Rupert Sanderson boots/ Rag&Bone hat/ Jerome Dreyfus satchel,
Tory Burch rings/ Karl Lagerfeld bracelet

*Orla Kiely pants/ Mango sweater/ Minna Parikka shoes,
JCrew coat/ Chanel bag/ Atmos&Here necklace/ Michael Kors ring,
Barbour scarf

*MSGM skirt/ Pretty Polly tights/ Dorothy Perkins socks,
Alexander Wang shoes/ Chicwish sweater/ Stella McCartney blouse,
Mulberry backpack/ Pamela Love ring & earrings/ Kate Spade scarf

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travel diary: Day 8

Aaaaaand today was the last day of my trip in
Croatia. It's always a bittersweet moment, but home,
work and "daily life" are calling, so I'm flying out tomorrow.
I've made sure that I maximise every day during this trip, so
I'm leaving back home with a heart full of love and joy, as I've
done everything to make people around me happy, I've spent
time with my family,  I've met some dear friends, I've bought
bread to those who don't have for it, I've signed petition for a
good cause, I've enjoyed every single little thing and have realised
yet once again that this quote "It's not important how many years
there's in our lives, but how much life there's in our years" is SO
true! You can go on every single day without doing or experiencing
anything special or you can live every single day as if it would be
your last day.

I leave you with a few more photos and am returning back tomorrow
witha new post, so don't forget to check in! :)

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Travel diary: Days 6 and 7

Hello my dear readers!
It's late at night and I'm slowly turning into a night
owl, since I always post so late nowadays. Gotta change
that as I am actually a morning person and my brain functions
the best in the morning, not having to mention that I love to
do all of my daily tasks/ errands right away in the morning...

Anyhow, back to this post, I've had two really lovely days,
spent outdoors, at market square and with my family.
I'm very happy that the weather has been so good to me that
I didn't needed much clothes on and could enjoy the warmth
of sun rays in the middle of October.

I've been also taking long and lots of walks all over the city
and here're some photos of hidden gems of Sibenik city, which
is also a place where new season of Game of Thrones has been
filmed. Definitely a jewel on the Adriatic sea coast :)

I also gotta admit that I always have the best pizza when I'm
in Sibenik. I just LOOOOVE the way they make them here
with all of the fresh ingredients and in the real stone oven.
Mmmmm, yum! So, all of you foodies out there, take a note
in case that you're planning to visit Croatia next Spring/ Summer.

Here are the photos:

Monday, October 20, 2014

My birthday

Hello everybody!!
As you might know already, yesterday was my birthday
and I must say that I've accepted my new "number" much
easier and happier than last year, when I have turned 26.
I'm SO glad to say goodbye to 26 and I can't wait to experience
what it will be like to live as a 27 year old.
In numbers, there's not big difference, but there is in the whole
vibe and feeling which I have now, this new level of ME that I
have reached and I haven't had that when I have celebrated 26th
birthday last year.

26th year of my life has thought me a lot of valuable lessons,
it has pushed my limits over and over again, it has tested my
nerves like no other year in my life and as much as it was
"ugly" year, it was equally amazing and I will forever cherish
it my heart... Past year was a breaking point for me in many
ways and I was so glad to enter 27th year of my life yesterday.
The fact that the whole day was filled from the morning till night
and the fact that I have been surrounded by the people that love
me and care for me the whole day was the best present I could ever
wish for. When you truly feel loved is the best thing in this world
and anything and everything around you gets a whole new dimension.

This morning was a pure pleasure to wake up and just be thankful
for every single moment that I have lived through yesterday, for
all of the sweet faces I've got to see and spend time with and on top
of it all, I was so thankful for the beautiful sun that was shining so
strong in the middle of October...

THANK YOU!! Universe, God, whatever you wanna call the higher
power... I'm at peace and looking forward to this year being the most
amazing year in my life yet.

*enjoying the sunshine and a peaceful moment in Solaris, Sibenik

*spending time with my sister

*walking around and just enjoying the beauty that surrounds me

*lunch time with my family at Trattoria Solaris

*all of these beautiful flowers for me and there were "added" more later on too :)

*perfect ending to my day - surprise birthday dinner

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Turning 27

Good evening once again my dear readers!
Today is my birthday and I'm back today with a new post
which I have initially thought will be quuuuuite long and I
didn't even knew where to start from writing it, but then, after
a whole couple of days of thinking about this post and turning 27
in general, it all has narrowed down to a few simple conclusions...

"Never give up, it's such a wonderful life..." being one of them!
My sister actually wrote this down for me in my birthday card
and it's a verse from band Hurts and their song "Wonderful life".

Also, "Believe in yourself, because if you can't, how can anybody
else?" is another one of these conclusions.

Third one would be one that I haven't heard anywhere particularly,
just simply have collected a few thoughts throughout these 27 years
of my life and that is that:

*give love and never expect anything in return
*be kind to everybody even when they're not kind to you
*many people are fighting their own battle that you know nothing
about, so don't judge, rather accept, help or move out of their way
*find your purpose in life, find that dream and passion that fuels
you and makes your blood run wild, that's why you've been sent
to this earth for
*do good whenever, wherever, good will come back to you
*healthy person has ton of wishes, sick one has only one...
so take care of your health, your mind and body, none of these
two can function properly without each other being equally healthy
*take as many trips or road trips as you can because travelling is the
only thing that you can buy with money that will make you richer
*things can't buy you happiness nor replace human need for love
and being "somebody's everything"
*act and think more like a child, approach things and situations with
an open mind and heart and find magic in every moment of your day
*be kind to yourself in every way as you're your own best friend and
your body and soul are all you have and will have to live in/ with
for the rest of your life
*smile more often, cry when you need to, scream when you feel like,
be silly no matter what's the place or occasion, life is way too short
to stick yourself into some boxes and meet the "standard" behaviour that
society has thought us is acceptable.

I could go on and on and on, but I have said in the beginning of this post
that it won't be long, even though it did ended up longish :D
Wishing you all the best my dear people and THANK you for every single
comment that you leave on this blog, I read every single one of them
and even if I don't answer, doesn't mean that I don't see you because I do
and you're all so important to me! Much love to everybody!

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