Saturday, April 23, 2011

First post! Welcome to L'art of fashion :)

Hello everybody! 
I have just decided to start not yet "another" fashion blog. I'm a huge fashion lover and 
I love to experiment, move borders and express myself through the way I dress myself, 
accessories, photography and ballet. 
That's what this blog is all about. My passion for fashion, photography and ballet. 
I've been ballerina for 9 years, taking photos for 2 years and have been in/ part of fashion world in "this or that way" for 10 years. 
I'm currently residing in Helsinki, Finland, but originally I come from Croatia. It's very interesting 
to see how different fashion style and culture in general is in these two countries. 
Anyway... I hope that I'll give you a good reason to follow my blog and come back every day for more fashion tips, new photos and a word or two about ballet :) 
Serve yourself!

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