Sunday, April 24, 2011

Must haves

I'll put down couple of must haves in your wardrobe for S/S '11.
I'm in love with bed jackets. They're so easy to wear, they're comfortable
and also a key piece for either day or night.
Floral print bed jackets are my favorites.

                                                                    Winter Kate
                                                                       Winter Kate

I'm big retro look lover, so I'm really happy that 70's jeans are back in fashion.
Here're two interesting looks how to wear those "popular" jeans :)

Something, every girl should have in her closet, in my opinion, no matter what's the fashion trend,
are maxi dresses and midi skirt. They're so feminine and make every woman feel sexy!
You're a woman, therefore celebrate it :)

                                                                     Maxi dresses

                                                                       Midi skirt

                                                                         Midi skirt

Every Spring and Summer it's crucial to have good eyewear! Sunglasses are important for healthy reasons, to protect our eyes from the UV and also to look cool and stylish.
Sunglasses are completing every look!

My favorites this year are:

                                                          House of Harlow 1960

                                                                     Ray Ban


Big favorite o'mine are leather jackets!! They just look so good, there's big selection
of leather jackets for everybody's pocket.

I have fell in love with those:

Rick Owens

Philip Lim 

Simone biker jacket with studs

Simone red leather jacket 


  1. I got my first leather jacket when I was seven years old :')


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