Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's look

New Winter Kate blouse just came in this morning, so 
I have decided to pick it up as my today's look.  
I'm wearing: Blouse - Winter Kate, Blazer - Marc O'Polo, Jeans - Diesel, 
Bag & ballerina flats - Bianco, Bracelets - Accessoriez and Sunglasses - Max&Co.

To buy the same blouse as I'm wearing, go to SHOPBOP 


  1. u look lovely. I like the bag & flats.(:

  2. Oh, today Natalia is casual and elegant at the same time. Plus Natalia is spotting the right shoes for comfortable walking. Despite being a heels lover I’m a strong opponent of “sky scrapper” heels which tend to dominate at least here in Greece. I find them an exquisite torture device.
    Nata, solve, please, one of my existential issues what jeans prevail for the time being a low crotch or a high crotch. For a long time there has been a low crotch now shops begin to introduce a high crotch. Honestly speaking with these low crotches I have seen breathtaking views. When somebody’s legs are not long and he or she has thighs and everything around, a low crotch doesn’t flatter at all. But they have been insisting on wearing it calling it sexy but the right word is ugly.
    Thank you, darling.

  3. I would go with both for this season. There're no rules. High crotch was more of fashion trend last year, but it's partly trend this year too.
    I would go with 70's look a like jeans with regular crotch or then with skinny jeans, also regular crotch. It all depends on one's taste and what their body can pull off.
    High waist jeans won't look good on everybody as well as low crotch.


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