Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boho chic

I don't like to define my style because I dress up how I want
and wear what I want. My style varies, but let's say that my heart was
stolen by boho chic style. It made huge boom back in 2005. and was
popularized by Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Olsen twins and Nicole Richie.
Since then, seems like every Spring/Summer, high street brands regularly
have collections that could be easily worn by any boho girl.

Boho chic has a little bit of gypsy, bohemian and chic in it.
There's even BOHO MAGAZINE where you can also discover if you're
boho girl if not by style at least by personality :)

Boho is not only about the clothes, but it's the whole/ complete look
with a lot of jewelry (if you want), hats, sunglasses, bags, shoes...

I'll share some boho chic outfits with you and boho hairdos, known as
boho braids or milk maid braids.

                                                                 BOHO BRIDE :)


  1. Even if I never tried boho one hundred percent, even if I’m not keen on traveling at all, I affiliate myself with its spirits. It’s poetic, free, ethereal, chaotic in a good sense, carried away. It hates spending much time in front of the mirror. I’m sure dear followers will appreciate a lot boho tips. In between I didn’t know that boho is bohemian plus gypsy.Thank you,baby!

  2. You're welcome! Everything you wrote is exactly how I see boho style/ person.


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