Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's look!

Sooo, today was super hot day! It's +36°C under the sun and I couldn't
be any happier :D This is the kind of weather I was waiting for.
Also, I went to Greek restaurant, Aleksandria in Helsinki downtown
for nice lunch date with my husband.
We are celebrating 3 years civil wedding anniversary tomorrow, so we
decided to start day earlier :)

I'm wearing: Flats - Unisa, Shorts - Vero Moda, Top - Charlie design,
Bangle - Mango, Earrings and ring - Accessorize, Purse - Oasis


  1. wooo, congratulations! How did u guys meet? Any romantic story u want to share? It's ok if u don't want to.(:

    U look great and quite tall...nice. What's your height?(=

    I like the sandals, tho I do find that kind of shoes a bit uncomfortable to wear at times...(;

  2. You looked lovely! I hope you enjoyed your anniversary date, and congratulations :)

  3. @ his - poison - girl

    We met in Helsinki in one bar, but it took a year to get to be together as a couple :)

    I'm 185 cm tall, I think it's 6 feet.

  4. awww, that's lovely! I guess, it was your destiny to stay in Helsinki.(: Wish u many more years to enjoy each other's company!

    Wow...that's 10cm taller than me.(=


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