Saturday, July 2, 2011

My inspiration board for July!

I wanted to bring in something new to my blog, so I've decided
to start with inspiration boards for each month of the year.
This is how my inspiration board looks like for this July:

WATERMELON!!! My favorite fruit during the summer time. There's no better
way to refresh yourself during hot summer days. They're so tasty and full of nice

BROOKLYN BRIDGE! Beautiful Brooklyn bridge by night. I want to drive over that
bridge so bad.

CROATIAN SUNSET!! The most beautiful sunsets I've seen so far are Croatian
sunsets during the summer. It's totally therapeutic, isn't it? :)

GRILLED CROATIAN FISH! Mmmm, njam, once again, something croatian
and something that I love to eat when on holidays in Croatia. I love fish, but the
grilled one is my top choice. Usually, my mom serves it with some spinach and

BLUE1!!! Blue1 have straight flights to Croatia and back and it's a real life
saver. It's not so easy to travel with 2 year old girl, esp. not on my own, so
Blue1 3 hours straight flight is luxury that I can enjoy in :)

NATALIA VODIANOVA!!!! She's my queen when it comes to fashion editorials.
She totally rocks and she's SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Editorial where she's posing with her
children is one of my favorite editorials ever. Also, the dress from second photo is
so dreamy...

TWO BOOTS PIZZA!!! That's something that I would love to try! My husband
is addicted to it and I can't wait to hopefully share that addiction :)

MR BIG AND CARRIE BRADSHAW!!! Such a great love story. It's not perfect,
it had many mistakes, ups and downs, but it's a real one, it's an everlasting one.
At least that's what I believe in :)

SEX AND THE CITY!! One of my favorite TV series ever! And the fashion in
that series and in 2 movies... Oh that fashion! MMMMM :P

WALK IN CLOSET!!! I swore to myself that I will one day earn enough money to
provide myself a beautiful walk in closet.

SOHO NYC!!! Soho in NY is street I want to go for shopping.

NEW YORK HOT DOGS!!! Another thing that my husband can't stop talking about
are NY hot dogs and even tho, I don't eat red meet, I would make this one exception
and try the best hot dogs in the world :)

STARBUCKS TEA!!! I love tea, I'm a huge tea lover and I want one right now
from Starbucks!

FIGS!!!! Another favorite fruit during the summer. My grandpa in Croatia has been
growing them since forever and I always over eat on them :D THEY'RE SO HEALTHY!!

CROATIAN BEACH!!! I love to spend my summers in Croatia and this is
my "private" heaven. The best place to recharge my batteries! The sea is so clean
and has beautiful turquoise color.

SISTERS OF MERCY!!! They'll have gig at Helsinki at the end of July
and that's something I've been looking forward to for so long. I never had
chance to see them live and they're such an important band to me. I've been
listening to them a lot while growing up, in my teen years and still they're
my big inspiration.

FORNETTI!!! You can find them almost anywhere in Croatia! Any bakery you walk
in has Fornetti! They're my favorite sweet pastries!

NIVEA SUN SPRAY!!! I always use Nivea sun sprays to protect myself
and my family from dangerous UV.


  1. that's a more personal it.(: I like reading these kind of tells a lot about a person. I can see that, by far, you are positive and an optimist. Way to go, Nat! :D

  2. thank you for your nice comment! i'm glad that you liked it and i hope i will post more of this not so official posts in the future :)

  3. This is a great post. You picked some really inspiring things for this month, and especially Sex And The City, I loved their summer outfits! They always looked so glamorous :D My dad heads off to Croatia for two weeks in late summer. I'm not sure where, but I know he's by a beach. I'll try to find out. I'll suggest to him the fish to try. He'll probably love it!


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