Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I've been super cleaning our flat for days now and on the go I got
couple of nice DIY ideas. I would like to share two of them with you in this
post. First one is a random photo frame that I got from one local shopping center
and I've put my daughter's sock in it. It's very special sock, because that's the very
first sock that I ever put on her tiny little feet back then :)
It's this one little thing that I need to put somewhere safe and this seemed to be like
great idea. It's hanging in my bedroom, so I get to see it every morning when I
wake up and every evening when I go to sleep.
It constantly reminds me how blessed I am to be a mom.

Another DIY idea wasn't really mine. I saw it some time ago somewhere, can't
remember where, but I thought that it looked cool, so I decided to use belt which
I'm not using to "tie" up my old fashion magazines and keep them (stable) piled
up in one place.

How did you liked these two DIY ideas??


  1. I'm really digging the belt on the magazines idea. That's something I will definitely be stealing for my own flat! The sock idea is really cute. I did something similar with a small table-top picture frame, a very small one that fits a type of passport size picture. I put a lock of my last doggy's hair in it when he passed away. It's a great way to keep something very special to you clean and safe, but so you can display it or see it every day. Great Ideas!

  2. Thank you! That lock of doggy's hair put in a small picture frame is really nice and will always stay clean and safe just like you said.
    I have so many DIY ideas, I just have to finally do them and then post some more over here :)

  3. That would be great! I'd love to see some more of your idea. I've got a whole winter of DIY coming up. We're redecorating the whole flat and putting new carpets down. We're severely lacking storage at the moment, so we're going to have to see how inventive we can be with using all the left over space when we're done.


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