Friday, September 23, 2011

D&G + Prada MFW Spring/ Summer 2012


Big kitch parade would be a good choice of words how to
describe this collection. At times, I could clearly see gypsy and a little
bit of boho feeling in it, but in general, I think that this collection is too much.
Way too many prints on the same clothing item combined with another item
that has as many prints piled up.
Some pieces might work separately with simple withe top or skirt, but still...
Not my cup of tea. I did like chic oversized beach hats.


Ok, so since I'm not writing this blog for money or to get free clothes from 
Prada or whatsoever, I'll be honest and share my opinion with my readers, 
because that's what I've been doing all along the way. 
Looking at photos from this collection, I can not but wonder what would make 
somebody spend bunch of money to buy only one Prada item? Does that make 
them feel more powerful and that's the way for them to show that they have money 
or what? I do have Prada's sunnies, baroque ones and oh, I started to droll right after 
I saw them and didn't think long until I went and bought them. 
But I didn't go bananas after the rest of their last year's collection for S/ S which was 
quiet weird. Can't say anything different this time around. 
It's a combination of retro look, prints, leather, lace, pleated skirts and swimsuits. 
I do like the retro feeling, but I didn't get the white dress with fire flames for example? 
In my opinion it ruins beautiful fabric and simple white dress or then the leather pencil 
skirt with race car on it? I mean seriously... 
My favorites were bags and jewelry which are so worth spending your money at. 


  1. such a gorgeous collection, i love all of the shoes!

    <3 steffy

  2. Not as big into Prada, but i love the D&G. Gorgeous prints.

  3. I don't like all the collection but some items are beautiful. I love the black purse from Prada.

    XO Teresa

  4. Love love love D&G, they always come up with something bold and sexy! And Prada? Amazing!!!

    Be sure to enter my giveaway to win an amazing scrapbook software :)

    Happy Saturday!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City


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