Thursday, September 1, 2011

September's inspiration board

It's 1st of September and I have to say that I suck so much :(
I didn't do many things from my inspiration board from August. I definitely
need to catch up with the stuff that I didn't get to do from August's list and
I will certainly make sure to do better this month :)

Let's check what's inspiring me/ want to do this month!


I'm in love with biker boots! I bought myself my first biker boots for this
Autumn and can't wait to rock them throughout the whole September.
I feel very confident in them. For some women, power comes from high heels, for
me power comes from biker boots :)


Three of my friends are having birthdays this month and I'm excited to buy them
some nice presents. They're all lovely ladies which I love and am thankful to have
them as my friends.
Somebody smart once said that : "Friends are brothers and sisters that we choose
ourselves."- and I couldn't agree more. I'm very picky with my friends,
esp. ones that I keep very very close, but then they're such friends I can always
count on.


At the end of September, Tori Amos is coming to Helsinki and it's gonna be the
first time ever I'm going to see her perform live and I'm very happy about that.
She's a true pure soul and I love how calm, "clean" and emotional are her songs.


I'm in love with sushi and Japanese kitchen in general. There's an amazing
restaurant in Helsinki called KABUKI and it's a must place to dine when visiting
Helsinki. Food is super yummy and prices are reasonable.
It used to be owned by our very good friend, but he's been on some other,
much better place now for past 1 and half years and it's very weird feeling that he's
not among us anymore, but at least his recipes are still making us all happy and
what's better way to remember your friend than through good food and drinks
at his restaurant?!


I just found out couple of days ago a place in Helsinki where I can get
some nice fresh pressed juices that help me detox my body. I think that it's necessary
to detox yourself once every month. Not everybody takes this seriously, but believe me
that your body and your mind will be thankful if you do it!


Something I've been into very much lately is feng shui. There're many books
on how to apply feng shui to your life/ home, but the book that "did" it for me
is "Clear your clutter with feng shui" by Karen Kingston.
Everything she's writing in her book about makes sense and you will see how
nicer and more organized your life/ home will be after you read this book and
apply her suggestions to your everyday life.


Just like in August, same thing is going on in September, new seasons
of my favorite TV series are out on DVD and I'm so getting all of them.
Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Dexter are sooo gonna be on my every
evening's schedule when chilling at home with my man.


Well that's something that I MUST have. It's supposed to have this
magnificent LR 2412 molecule that makes your skin look like baby skin.
Well, not exactly, but almost. It's tightening your skin, making pores smaller
and evening it. Go grab your own ladies!!


New movie with Jessica Parker in lead female role. I'm gonna watch this
movie and maybe get some "pointers" in how to juggle career, husband and kid(s)
and make sure to not loose yourself while doing it.
I've decided to start working full time in January 2012, so I need any advice, even
if it's from Hollywood's comedy movie :P


There will be interior design fair in Helsinki in the middle of this month.
I'm excited to go there and check it out for the first time. Interior design is my
secret passion and I just love to go to home decor and furniture stores and
just stare at the stuff there, but if I can do it all at one place, omg, it's gonna make
me so happy and so want to redecorate my whole apartment :P


I have two more photo shoots coming this month and I'm of course
excited about them. One of them is this weekend and I'm feeling blood
rushing my veins like crazy because I get to, hopefully, create something
I'm gonna be very proud of myself even when I'm 70 years old.


Also I'm starting to write guest list this month and make sure that I have/ get
all the address, so I get it all sorted out before I have to send out the invitations.
I might give away 2 tickets here on my blog, so be sure to follow my blog if you
want to attend my very first photo exhibition.


I'm so excited to see what my favorite designers have prepared for
Spring/ Summer 2012. collections. I'm so sad that I don't get to go to any
of fashion meccas this year, but you never know what's in the "store" for me
next year. I would love to be there, right on the spot of where EVERYTHING
is happening and bring you some awesome photos and reviews, but I will definitely
keep you updated with many photos and reports on every fashion week this month.


  1. love that boot! :)

    join my ongoing giveaway!

  2. Another interesting inspiration board! I love the boots.

  3. the boots are great! Yummi love sushi!

  4. @ fashioneggpplant - thank you :)

    @ springer spaniels - thank you, i have very, VERY similar ones

    @ fashiongamble - thank you, yea i'm obsessed with sushi :)

    @ Natalie Charlotte Turner - muchas gracias, me encanta el sushi tambien :)


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