Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's look

I had some nice day today, very relaxed and despite rain, it still ended up
bringing up smile on my face because I went to newly found coffee place
in Helsinki downtown. I have no idea for how long it's been there, but I know
that it's been there for a while, because I saw those doors before
( the entrance to the cafe, which is actually on a second floor and entrance is so
small that it's hard to realize what's there or if there is anything ).
Coffee was fabulous according to my husband, but I have enjoyed big glass of
freshly pressed orange juice and passion fruit cheesecake.
Why this place is so special? It's small, but really nicely decorated, service is great
and the most important thing is that they roast their own coffee.
If you stop by in Helsinki and want to have an awesome coffee go to CAFE & ROASTERY

What I wore:

Flats - Peko ( croatian brand ), Skinny jeans - Acne, Top - Esprit,
Jacket - Zara, Clutch - Asos, Ring - Free people, Neckless - HOH1960


  1. Really loving your new cafe! It looks like the kind of place I would love to relax in with a good lunchtime book. You both look content :)

  2. Thank you :) We did felt great while we were there!

  3. Great outfit! Love the jacket!



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