Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Givenchy + Stella McCartney PFW S/S 2012


One of the most elegant and sophisticated collections so far.
Very classy, but at the same time those designs make woman
look strong and confident, yet feminine.
Row of sequins, row of ruffles, row of leather and lace and then
some military look to close the collection made my heart skip
a beat after I saw those runway photos.


This was and "ok" collection, but more leaning towards the disappointment than
success. It had couple of really nice pieces and then so many of weird, sporty
designs that were somewhat artsy but still pointless.
I liked the jumpsuits and white blazer... They kinda saved this collection from
being disastrous!


  1. Stella mccartney is so amazing! If only the clothes were closer to my price range =)

  2. Love all those nudes and neutrals! They both did an amazing job!

    Happy Tuesday :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

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  3. im in love with the givenchy collection! i think its my favorite so far <3

  4. lovely blog!

    Fashion Philosophy


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