Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Valentino + Louis Vuitton PFW S/S 2012


Even tho, whole Paris Fashion Week was amazing and the most
successful one in my opinion, the very best shows were left for
last 2 days. Valentino showed us beautiful, very gracious and
romantic collection. I think that this was the most romantic collection
shown of PFW. At times very simple and minimalistic, at times
full of lace, florals and sheer fabric collection.
If I could I would buy the whole collection for myself :)


Another very romantic collection from PFW was Louis Vuitton one.
It was full of "flowers" attached on dresses and skirts, floral patterns,
crochet, fringes and very elegant designs.
Bags were amazing as well and the biggest surprise was Kate Moss who
closed the LV show with beautiful white cocktail dress.


  1. Ohhh there are so wonderfull collection!
    I'm Italian I love the fashion and I love Valentino ever!
    He want to wants to feel his woman like Dive or deities!
    How not want her clothes?
    when you step away from Via Montenapoleone I can not avoid going to see its windows!

    And the LV collection... *__*
    I don't have word!
    I want tham all!
    I want to be a little princess bon ton! <3

  2. Heheh :D Yes, I am thinking the same way... There's no woman that wouldn't feel like a princes while wearing Valentino's and Louis Vuitton's S/S collection. Every single piece is magnificent!


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