Monday, November 7, 2011

November's inspiration board


Two days ago I just had my very first photography exhibition
opening and the showing/ exhibition opening will last up until
2nd of December. I'm very proud of this and I hope that this is
just a beginning of something beautiful and fulfilling waiting for me!

If you're interested to see the work I have exhibited either go to
Galleria 4-kuus in Helsinki, Finland or by visiting my
FaceBook photography page.


I'm so happy and blessed that my sister and dear friend C. came to
visit me and are staying over at my apartment! It meant so much to
have their help and support in two most stressful days ever, the one
before the exhibition opening and on the day of the opening.
Also, I'm so happy to have a great group of sweet and beautiful friends
that are actually living here in Helsinki, just like me and have been
supporting me and trusting in me all along the way.


In Finland we celebrate Father's Day this Sunday and I'm happy
and proud to have a husband that is a great and dedicated father
to our almost 3 years old little daughter. He's the one that made me
incredibly happy by making me mother of our daughter, the biggest
gift any woman can get ( with the proper guy ).


Most possibly one of the most awaited collections this year is
Versace for H&M. I think that it's very smart move and especially
the choice of launch date. It couldn't be better timing to do it, since
all girls need some spectacular outfits if not for Christmas and Christmas
parties, then latest for New Year's eve and the collection is filled with
mostly kitschy outfits/ dresses that are perfect for the Holiday season that
is awaiting!
I will take a look at the stores once the collection is launched, but to be honest
I haven't found more than 3 items that I would like to have in my closet.
Maybe I'll change my mind, once that I see clothes hanging on racks.


Something I haven't done in a reaaaally long time is go out to movies!
What I usually do is watch TV series from DVDs at home or buy movies
and watch them at home as well. It's just more comfortable and convenient,
but since I have my sister and friend visiting, it's a perfect excuse to finally
go to and check some movie out. I love that feeling I have when going to
movies and I wish I would have more time in future to go to movies.


It could be that we will check out this movie when we go to movies.
I have been fan of Rowan Atkison for over a decade and I think that
he's brilliant actor and his face expressions are priceless!!
This movie is supposed to be very funny and I'm in this period in my life
when comedies agree with me the best :D


One of the models for my project which I have exhibited
in already mentioned gallery, was Tuomas from band Nightwish.
The band will release their new album end of this month and I'm
interested to hear how it sounds, because I have a feeling that I
might like it, hopefully I'll be right :)

Check the band out on their official web site .


  1. Svaka ti cast,fotografije su meni prekrasne,i jako mi se svidjaju detalji na pojedinim fotografijama ;)

  2. love your blog, keep it up!

  3. omg so so exciting. love everything. thanks for sharing love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think. xo

  4. That's nice photo of lil' boy holding hands with his dad (I assume).
    And yes, I really can't wait for Versace for H&M!

  5. I can´t even remember when was the last time I was in movie theater! But I´ll definitely go to see Twilight :)

    Congrats once again on your exhibition!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  6. hi there check out my blog would love u to follow it if u like and im having a Gucci giveaway
    hope to hear from u soon

  7. Another great month board, Natali! I am so looking forward to seing Johnny English ;)

  8. Nice post! I love Nightwish! *w*


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