Friday, December 23, 2011

iPhone diary

Hello everyone! I would like to thank everyone who's been
visiting my blog, reading it, commenting on it and or has decided
to follow me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, it means a lot to me!
What's the point in doing anything if there's none who can recognize
how good is what you have to offer, right? I'm glad that I have what
it takes to make people be interested in my blog :)

Here's mini iPhone diary, which is just an overture into next 2 days
which are my favorite days in December and that's Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day :) I'll keep you posted about them, since I'm planning
to take a LOT of photos!!
I can't wait to spend it with my little family and my parents in law and
open all the nice presents :)

                                             little pig cakes :D

                                         my homemade Christmas cookies

                           shots of taxidermy from natural history museum

                                    me at the natural history museum

                       Christmas decoration on the window of my dining room

                                  my obsession with Florence continues!!

                     small part of my Christmas tree which you'll see in 2 days


  1. love the cookies. :)

    happy holidays!

  2. i love how instagram makes it so easy to get great shots with the iphone! your header image is stunning, love the vibrant colors!

  3. Wonderful post!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. I enjoyed this post. Enjoy mine.

  5. pig cakes =D those cakes are so cute : ))

    wish you a happy Christmas!

  6. Aww those pictures just scream holidays haha. The pig cakes are adorable btw. Merry xmas! xoxo


  7. Great photos. I like to tell you that I have an amazing giveaway in colaboration with Hermes on

  8. ★I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dear! Love, Vicky★

    new post: click here
    follow me

  9. jesi ti pekla ove mini prascice??prekjuuut su :D

  10. Nisam :P Prekomplicirano mi je sve to sto iziskuje dugo vremena, al cu se jednog dana vec i ja "baciti" na posao i nauciti raditi ovakve jestive figurice :)


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