Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still fighting it...

Still fighting the flu, but the situation is getting a bit better.
We've celebrated my hubby's birthday yesterday and it was
a very nice day which got even better after we ate some delicious
food at Russian restaurant Saslik.
They have a KILLER baked Alaska cake and they had it on their
menu since 1975! Pretty cool, right!?

I've been just taking it easy and filling tons of forms/ applications
for grants and I can't wait to fill all of them, send them away
and then take a break from all the papyrology.

On the other note, NYFW starts today!!! In my thoughts I'm
in New York city right now, but in reality I'm sitting in my
sofa waiting for the first photos and info from the runaway so
that I can share them with you :)

Stay tuned!!!

I'm wearing: Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Diesel, Top - Masion Scotch,
Cardigan - Saint Tropez, Jacket & ring - Mango, Bag - Bianco,
Scarf - Maison Scotch, Earrings - HOH1960

                                         My yummy lunch today!


  1. beautiful look!<3

  2. ohh shvacam te sto se tice nyfw!one day one day ;) super kul outfitic :)

  3. Oh, ja si vec zamisljam da cu najkasnije za godinu dana biti tamo :D Heheh

  4. Great post, love your style!!! and your blog is great... I'll follow you immediately and if you want and like you can follow me back!!! I think your boots are perfect! A big kiss from
    have a nice thursday :)

  5. get well soon!!! i love your outfit and i'd loved it if we followed each other! i'm following you!

  6. Lovely outfit dear! <3
    followin you here and on bloglovin

  7. I love your boots!!
    Great blog, following now.
    Check mine if you like

    xx Magna

  8. That tee shirt is so cute! xx

  9. Beautiful! :)

    Join my GIVEAWAY! :)

  10. jako mi se sviđa tvoja majca :) a i torba ;)

  11. love that stripped top! and that food looks amazing!! its making me hungry

  12. i'm glad your flu is getting better! looks like you had a pretty healthy lunch, so good on you- the soup looks so warm and yummy! :P cute casual outfit- I like the stripes and the parka jacket. isn't it great that you can still look fashionable even when you're feeling sick? :)

  13. Great ideas and good taste.

  14. hmm... the lunch looks so yummy. I'm drooling rite now :D

    Love, Leonita

  15. great boots!!



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