Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fat vs. Skinny

Here's something a little bit different on my blog.
I've been thinking now for couple of days should I write
or should I not write this text, but seeing that lately people
have been commenting on my daily outfits pointing out my
weight, I've decided that I should do this.

I'm not doing this to change anyone's opinion on what's
healthy or what's not, what's beautiful or what's not, just
wanna see how my readers are thinking outside the usual
thoughts about the clothes or some other stuff that I've been
posting on this blog.

I wonder what is beautiful? Who can say or decide why
is someone more beautiful or pretty than somebody else?

I have just read that Beyonce was voted the most beautiful
woman in the world by the choice of People magazine.
Some might agree, some might disagree, but I think that it's
a little bit silly to choose anyone as the most beautiful woman
or a man in this world, since there's no definition of beauty!

In my mind beauty comes from the inside, soul is what matters,
we're anyway just borrowing this body that we're living in.
Of course, in another way, body matters too, so that it's a
good home to our soul while it's living in it.

I'm in love with the healthy lifestyle, but haven't been able to lead
one myself for the past 4 years. Huge lack of sleep, huge amounts
of stress and not always eating healthy sure did affect my weight,
but I haven't lost more than 5 kg since 4 years back and my
body weight has been pretty much always the same before that.

I wonder why do people always think that if somebody is skinny,
btw I would rather use other word here - SLIM, is automatically
called or pointed out as anorexic or looking bad or in need of
couple of hamburgers, etc.
Also, who has the right to call anyone fat?? Again, I would use
another word for this and that's CURVY!

Why people can't be SLIM if they've been like that because of
genetical predispositions ( like myself ), or because they're
leading very healthy life style, or because they're being under
a lot of stress?

Why people can't be CURVY if they've been like that because of
genetical predispositions ( esp. latin women ), or because they're
also leading healthy lifestyle, or because they're also maybe under
lots of stress and sometimes finding comfort in food??

I think that we all know how anorexia and overweight look like
and these two things are big sicknesses and I believe that it's not
easy to deal with them as it's not easy to deal with any other kind
of sickness, but let's not mix up SLIM & CURVY with these
other two.



  1. Natali, Thank you for writing about this... I think it's always really brave to talk about something that might divide opinions but it is a genuine issue. Too much emphasis is put on "Real Women" and "The Perfect Body" and I think it's really silly. I have small, curvy friends who think "Oh, You're tall and slim. You're lucky." And tall, slim friends who wish they were more curvy but they all have something in common, they're all strong, beautiful ladies.

    Everyone finds different types of people attractive so what would be the point of everyone looking the same to fit this "Ideal" figure? It would be boring. Also I think it's a little bit rude for people to comment on your weight, As long as people are comfortable with their size and shape be it slim or curvy then it's no-one else's business. <3

  2. There will always be shortminded people who choose the most beautiful woman in the world or oversee the real beauty. People are different and beauty is different. But fashion and society creates standards that they call beauty and if somebody is beautiful but doesn't look like this standard they are called fat or skinny. And the worst thing is they beginn to believe this nonsense themselves.
    As long as standards will be set, as long will prejudices live.
    I am fat in comparrison to the standard, so what. Standard is not representative to the population! ;))

  3. Thank you both for writing such inspiring and open comments! I couldn't agree more with both of you! You're so right, you're reading my mind :D
    I hate the fact that some beautiful, gorgeous women would feel less beautiful, wanted or worthy because they're more curvy than some model from the runway or other way round, that somebody who's slim and tall like me would feel sad about lack of bra size as Christina Hendricks for instance, which media is try to also now show as hot or something.
    Every woman has that x factor and can be beautiful in her own way, of course if she wants that...

  4. Thank you for bringing this topic up. I am a slim girl genetically and sometimes it's hard to show people how healthy and not-anorexic I am. I think the idea of fat and skinny or slim and curvy is very much distorted by the modern media. I recently watched a documentary named "Miss Representation" and it's very sad knowing that many young girls are affected by this misunderstanding of beauty. Beauty and looks are not everything. And I think this is a very important topic, which should be addressed and do something about.

  5. Thank you for giving us somewhere so inspiring and positive to share our opinions! It sounds like a cliche but beauty comes from within, Everyone knows someone who doesn't fit the "convential" beauty bracket but their personality and how they treat people make them stand out and come across as gorgeous!

    Everyone has parts of themselves they like and parts they probably wish they could change but it's not for anyone else to tell them that it makes them unattractive. Personally being fairly tall and quite slim I used to wish I had more in the bra area but now I look at it like this: I'd never do anything drastic like surgery to change that so it just be grateful for what I have.

    Some of the most beautiful women I've seen don't have huge breasts or full lips or super-long hair so why should everyone else need to have that to feel beautiful?

  6. It is not about too skinny or too fat, curvy, beauty or boobs etc. It is about healthy weight and I am pretty sure yours is in category underweight by BMI formula. You might be perfectly healthy and feel good, but you do not look healthy, that what some people probably were pointing out. And some of clothes you are wearing emphasize that. There are so many talks about anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders that people immediately assume you have one. I am sure you don’t, but in my opinion you just should more carefully choose what you wear, not to look like just got out of Auschwitz. Here might be the question of beauty. Some might find it beautiful, I don’t, so the others who commented on your weight. Of course the main thing that YOU feel confident and good, so just take it easy!
    If you want people to write comments about your outfits, then you have to be ready to hear not that sugary ones too.

  7. In my humble opinion, If someone creates a blog to share fashion ideas then the comments made should be relative to the clothes and accessories that make up the outfit. Not the weight, BMI or physical appearance of the person wearing them. And had your comment had anything to do with an outfit then I'd completely respect your right to your opinion about it without commenting. But it isn't.
    As I mentioned in my previous comment everyone finds different things attractive and while you're entitled to your opinion I think that you've put it across in a pretty nasty, disrespectful way.

    "You just should more carefully choose what you wear, not to look like just got out of Auschwitz." Is possibly the most offensive comment I have ever seen. And if people see a naturally slim person and "immediately assume" that they have an eating disorder then IN MY OPINION it says more about the person who makes that assumption than about the person they're referring to.

    1. Thank you for saying all of this, I could sign my name on this comment.

    2. You're more than welcome. I hope you didn't mind me replying though, I'd hate for it to cause an argument on your post. That's not what your blog is about :)

  8. I think beauty is not about your weight. It is about your mind and about knowing you and your body just to obtain the best of both.

  9. Yeah...I agree with monica! I think bauty is how we think of ourselves (in the right or in the wrong way). Beauty is in our mind and soul.


  10. You wrote a very nice post and very wise. And key words are at the bottom. We all should learn to love more our own bodies, acepting also imperfections. We're all perfect as we are, and libra, media or business are not Gods. We all can be beautiful, if we love ourselves. Beauty is under the skin, but it may surface with little care.

  11. Slazem se sa sve i jednom tvojom rijeci,trebamo voliti svoje tijelo takvo kakvo je,samo znas sta je problem,kad vide mrsavu zenu punije zene ce odmah reci(zavidno) da je premrsava i da je bolesna,zbog zelje da i sama bude takva a ne mogu,a opet mrsave dijevojke vjerovatno za punije zene misle kako ne drze do sebe...i sto ti kazes ljepota dolazi iznutra,ali u danasnjem ovom meni ne bas dragom svijetu je BITNO kako izgledas u odnosu koji posao radis i ljudi NAZALOST procijenjuju jedni druge samo na osnovu izgleda.

  12. ja sam od malena slusala kako sam anorexicna,u skoli su se svi sprdali da sam ka daska i realno,koliko god se opirali tim ruznim komentarima, na nas utjecu...svaki covjek zdrave razumi vidi tko je po prirodi mrsav a tko je bolesno mrsav...lijepa si i neka ti nitko ne utuvi u glavu nesto suprotno :)

  13. hey, really original blog, I really love how you write and the themes you talk about! :) would you like to follow each other? xoxo

  14. TOTALLY agree. People can be so judgemental. I'm considered healthy by my doctor. I'm just as tall as my friends, I eat healthy, etc. Yet somehow everyone keeps calling me a skinny twig and it's just not like that.
    I don't know if people understand that it hurts a lot. I know it probably shouldn't, but it ISN'T a compliment and it makes me feel worried--even when I shouldn't.

    And the same goes with bigger women. Now, a person's health can be controlled by that person {sometimes it's harder for different people} in almost all circumstances, but we're only human. ONLY.

    Nice post!
    ~Brooke {via}

  15. Love the dress Victoria Beckham is wearing.


  16. Very nice post. Coming from a holistic and nutritionists background it is much more important that the body functions to the best of its specific needs. I see people all the time that think they need to be thinner and some that want to gain weight, but the ting is, you cant change your bone structure. We are not all built the same and cannot fit into any mold another person might. The importance is to eat healthy, sleep, excercise (shopping counts!(: )meditate or whatever relaxes you. Some people require alot of muscle for their life and job, others don't need nearly as much and its kind of useless to go to the gym everyday if looks are the reason or because someone has some crazy cookie cutter vision of what everyone should be like. If a person is rail thin because of not eating is one thing, but I have plenty of thin freinds that eat like a horse and on the opposite, ones that are very heavy that eat hardly at all. It is stressfull getting people to understand that we have only been living this human life as we know it for the last few hundred years and there is very much to learn in terms of what our bodies and genetics think and what are brains think of the world we are in. We also need to concider what comes out of our mouths vs. what is presumed to go in it.

    You are very right in the body is just a way to get around on this earth, its not nearly as important as what lies in the heart, mind and soul. Doing our best to take care of it for ones specific needs will result in a better traveling though.

  17. Thank you so much for this post, as a curvy girl myself, this post means so much to me as even when leading a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising it's very difficult for me to lose weight. I strongly believe that beauty comes from within and that others believe that too means to world to me, so thank you very much for deciding to write this post! :)

  18. Loved reading this! I think we all have to be comfortable in our own skin, and not let others determine what is beautiful.


  19. I'm in the same toughts with you,for eg; Angelina was much more beautiful when she had a bit weight but now she looks like a skeleton .

  20. This is a great post, and beauty is definitely not something that can be measured or judged!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  21. great post..hope we can flow each other..kisses

  22. same as the others I say that beauty is in every shape and yes there are different opinions, you either do not care or you do and change something about your look .

  23. Great blog!


  24. In our bodies there are many deficiencies,therefore, it is difficult to love them )) I know many thin people who wish + weight and a lot of thick people which wish to lose weight.But there are still many people who have beautiful body and are dissatisfied with it ))

  25. Great post, honey! I'm 100% agree with you and sometimes people can be too judgmental, try to ignore their comments.
    Have a great week!


  26. I love both. I try not to judge by how much people weight. Skinny people are beautiful, fat people are beautiful. I don't know - it's probably that being fat can somehow ruin your confidence and put you down. If you get over that fact, you'll be fine.


  27. After seeing your other post (by the way very cute outfit in that one) I had to read this and you make some really good points and it's so important to love your bod. I agree that it is a little strange to pick a women as the most beautiful in the world. Great post and so well thought out


  28. I think this post is wonderful & very timely; a great change from your usual lovely outfit posts, because it is such an important issue! Western societies place such a high value on being as thin as possible that it's understandable why so many people have warped views on weight & health. As someone who struggled with eating disorders for about 8 years, then studied Nutrition & Health in university to try to heal myself & help others, I can definitely empathize with these issues.

    One thing I have learned is that your weight & physical body in no way determine your health status. You can be thin & unhealthy, or overweight & healthy. Under- & over-eating due to stress or body image issues only make one more unhappy & frustrated. The most important thing, the thing that I think creates real beauty, is to live a healthy lifestyle & be confident. There is no ''too thin'' or ''too big'', as long as you're healthy, you're perfect just the way you are :)

    Sorry for such a long comment, but it's a topic I'm pretty passionate about. Once again, great post Natali! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets


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