Friday, January 18, 2013

My online shop update!

Hello dear readers!
Just a quick post to let you know that I have just updated
my online shop with couple of new goodies which I'm not going
to use anymore and am therefore "Spring cleaning" my closet.
Check it out and maybe you'll find something nice for yourself :)
I'm shipping worldwide!



  1. Such a lovely idea, I adore it! Happy Friday!
    Come back soon to visit my fashion blog!

  2. Natali, great idea! Good look!
    Kisses and great weekend

  3. They're all nice items.


  4. Those items look terrific! Can I give a small commentary about your website? Hehe. It’s so simple yet so glamorous. Plus, the mere fact that you’re shipping WORLDWIDE is definitely amazing. Keep it up, Natali! =)

    - Jamie Viggiano

  5. I like the womens Sweater Dress Styles. Really a great selection of Clothing.Thank you.
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  6. Hi there Natalie! My girlfriend’s birthday is nearing and I have been dreading on what to give her on her special day. I came across your blog and checked out your online store. There are so many items I know she’d like. The floral clutch and blue necklace would look good on her. Do you have promos or discounts so I can purchase more for her? =D

    Kristofer Mcginty

    1. Hello Kristofer, thank you for this comment. Unfortunately at this time I don't have any promos or discounts.

  7. Are you selling more items anytime soon? I love your items and I hope that I’ll have more items to choose from. Though, that blue clutch caught my attention! The details on it look so intricate! I'm so loving it! I will keep visiting your site to check on your for sale items. :)

    Lesli Dyson

  8. I am an adult who is super sensitive to clothing...have been ever since childhood. The plastic used to line seams in clothing recently has been driving me nuts! Do you know of any resources for adults concerning clothing?
    Thank you!

    Sofia Carmina Coppola
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