Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Instagram daily life

Hello everybody and hello Sunday morning!
I'm up early ( like as if I usually wake up late being a mom :D )
and I'm soon about to head out to the cinema with my little princess.
I love our little tradition of mommy-daughter cinema time with a side
of popcorn.
Small things in life... :)

I had a major tooth problem two days ago, half of one tooth just fell
off and I had to go in yesterday and get it taken care of and put the
filling. It was pretty painless ( thanks to anaesthetics and great dentist )
but I did get to know that I have other few teeth that are in need of taking
care of, so I will be going to the dentist again this coming week...
Oh my, March couldn't start better :D!

Anyhow, I'm SO excited about the longer days and Spring that is just around
the corner. Can't wait to get myself out of all of the Winter layers I had to put
on for months when going out of the house.

Have a lovely end of the weekend!

My Instagram

                 I have attended a new luxury store opening w/ my sister

We got this same bracelet on that evening as our 
"sisterhood" bracelet :)

I have discovered a new sweet cafe 

I got some new stuff from Estee Lauder

I had a photo shoot and was totally hands on 
so I did the make up too :)

I had to celebrate a great photo shoot w/ a super 
delicious pizza at Putte's Pizza

My new beautiful bag and fresh flowers 
sitting on my bedroom window <3

Glowing green smoothie and Cameron Diaz's book

I love breakfasts in bed

Another new lovely cafe/ patisserie Teemu&Markus


  1. Nice photos!

  2. Lovely photos, I love instagram
    Would you like to follow each other?

    FACEBOOK Eva Milano

    BLOG Eva Milano

  3. uuu nice photos!

  4. Great photo's!

    Kirsten x

  5. THAT pizza looks delicious!

    If you have a moment it would be lovely if you checked out my new post CARNIVAL on my blog Electric Soiree

  6. Pizza <3 <3 baš sam je i ja danas jela, nikako da mi dosadi :)

  7. Estee Lauder is my absolute favourite make-up brand! Great picks :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  8. What a wonderful life! Love the bracelets.

    x Michelle |

  9. I'm guessing your a Balenciaga fan? I like how you got a sisterhood bracelet. Unfortunately, I have a brother, so I'll never be able to justify a designer bracelet as sister bonding.

    I just got a purse from Balenciaga too a few months ago! It's the new one, Le Dix, that Alexander Wang designed.

  10. HII!
    I´ve just found your blog and I find it quite interesting and cool!
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  11. Very interesting post my sweetie :P
    Have a nice Monday !
    Kisses <3

  12. You got the Balenciaga bracelet. I was debating if I should get it or not. Great instagram pics.


  13. Nice photos, love the bracelet.

  14. You're quite lucky to have had it fixed in a jiffy! Of course, having a good dentist always helps. I hope you had the other teeth fixed successfully as well. Nice instapics by the way, especially the food photos. Have a nice spring!

    Jason @ Metro Dental


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