Monday, October 6, 2014

Outfit post - Valentino

Good day everybody!
How are you my dear readers? How was your weekend?
I've started this day by going to the gym pretty much straight
from the bed. It's a wonderful thing to start my day by getting
some sweat on as it sets my day and the rest of the week on a
great, positive and "strong" note.
Do you workout at the gym? If you do, are you more of a morning
goer or an evening one?

For today's post, I've prepared an outfit for you which I wore last
week when we still had some sun show up here and there.
I have a feeling that Fall is in full swing in Helsinki and my coats
are out of the boxes and part of my every day outfits.

This Valentino blouse is one my favourites which I don't wear
as often as I'd like to. It's very me, very feminine and makes any
outfit more elegant, instantly.

Another great favourite is this bag from Givenchy which is one of
my favourite bags ever! Fantastic quality, classic with a nice modern

After we took these outfit photos, we went for a late breakfast to one of
our favourite cafes in the city, Fazer.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and also, let me know how you're
liking my every-day posting as part of Blogtober? :)

I'm wearing: Shoes - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Jeans - Diesel, Bag - Givenchy,
Coat - Isabel Marant for H&M, Scarf - Kenzo, Blazer - JCrew, Blouse - Valentino,
Ring - Deni design, Earrings - Tory Burch

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  1. Such a great outfit! Love the Givenchy bag! :)
    Big kiss

  2. Nice coat.I'm glad you had a great time.I'm following you on Instagram and would love if you could follow back :-)

  3. mozak mi slabo radi trebalo mi je deset sekundi da povežem blogoctober...da, naravno da mi se sviđa svakodnevno postanje.

    Odlična kombinacija...kaput je presavršen, a torba jako elegantna....sve divno:)

    Ja ne idem u teretanu, vježbam većinom kući, imam dosta prostora i tu. Većinom radim vježbe za skoliozu pa mi smeta kad me ljudi gledaju i pitaju se što je sad to.

    1. Hvala ti na pohvalama za kombinaciju, isto tako mi je jako drago da ti se svidja svakodnevno postanje :)

      Zao mi je da su ljudi jos uvijek negdje u pecinskom dobu i nacinu razmisljanja... Ali super da imas dovoljno prostora doma i da mozes na miru odraditi svoje vjezbe a i fizicki se posvetiti sebi.

  4. Love your coat and your blazer. Such classic pieces. They look super chic paired with your tied top. Fabulous style as always. :)
    I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post...

  5. that grey jacket is lovely

  6. Gorgeous outfit, I've got the same back in a different color.. you wear it incredibly!

  7. The blouse is perfect *_* I love flowers' details


  8. Kako ja volim kad se ti smiješ! Imaš tako divan i blag osmijeh, baš gane čovjeka! :)
    Kombinacija je divna, košuljica je preslatka ali kaput mi je velika ljubav! Sretna sam kao malo prase što sam si uspjela ove godine kupiti savršeni oversized coat pa ti sad ne zavidim na ovome koliko god savršen bio :D
    Divna, divna kombinacija! I da, super je blogostudeni... pogotovo kad kod tebe ima uvijek nešto lijepo!

  9. I really like the outfit! Your purse is beautiful!
    x ClassToCloset

  10. It's great that you're posting every day, look forward to reading your posts. I love this outfit and the blouse is very pretty and looks lovely on you although what I really really love is the coat. I haven't started back at the gym yet, too hot still, but in November I'll be back there but in the afternoons after work. xoxoxo

  11. Hi there
    I really enjoy visiting your blog everyday but I am sure it will be a lot of work for you. Great post today!

  12. Love reading your daily blogs this month. My favorite relaxation is a glass of wine and reading your posts!

  13. You look super elegant - love the top and the blazer. And that breakfast looks really good!

  14. I use to go to the gym in the evening!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  15. You look gorgeous

  16. I´m in Love with youre hair <3

  17. Such a great look! That bag is beautiful!

  18. Love it!


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