Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today's look

I've been running some errands today and made many business
phone calls regarding my photo exhibition and I feel very happy and
accomplished today :) It's been also nice day weather wise. Sunny day, but
very windy and chilly. Temperatures are much lower than 1 week ago
and now I can officially state that Autumn is here.

Also, just to let you all know, I got to know that president of Finland and
prime minister will be invited to my exhibition! How crazy is that, huh ?!
I know that they won't come of course, but how cool is that my gallery lady
is sending them an invitation? :)

This is what I wore today: Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Diesel, Blouse - Warehouse,
Cardigan - River Island, Purse - New Yorker, Ring - Free People, Bangle - gifted


  1. If Madam the President and Prime Minister came to your show would be fantastic!
    You have done well to invite them!
    Who knows,trying is never wrong!!

    I love your last picture! You have a beautiful smile!

  2. WOW! Imagine if they turned up! You'll have to work on your curtsy just in case ;-)

    I love this outfit. It has all the colours I love about this time of year, especially the cardi, the blouse and the jewellery. I love the last photo too. It's how I feel about this time of year - I wanna dance in the street ;)

  3. I like this blog. i love the outfit .please check out mine.

  4. Oh I love the colour blocking of your sweater and shirt!! I just styled a shoot with this look here in Australia but I love how you'e translated it!! Total radness. xx mandy

  5. @ morgana - thank you, but i think that i look dorky on that last photo :D
    yea, it's just a funny thing to know that those people are invited, because i didn't know that my gallery was going to do that :P

    @ springer spaniels - thank you for all the nice compliments. i hope that those "important" people won't come, but maybe after the opening night, while the exhibition is still going to be on for a month.

    @ clara - thank you! will check your blog out!

    @ oracle fox - thank you!!!

  6. hello darling! love the way you paired the two bright colors on top! super cute!xx


  7. @ karoline - thank you!

    @ ariana - thank you very much!


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