Monday, January 7, 2013

Moscow bye, bye - day 5

Yesterday was definitely one of the worst days in my life.
I had such a huge coughing attack that lasted for many hours, add to that
running nose and feeling weak and going like that to the airport and
traveling back home. The result was super high fever once again which wouldn't
leave me alone for about 8 hours. I was already starting to freak out what to
do since pills and antibiotics weren't helping. After having cold and wet towels all
over my body, finally this morning I woke up feeling much better.
There wasn't much happening yesterday, which almost doesn't count as day which
belongs to this trip, but I was happy to soak up beautiful Moscow streets views from
the taxi on our way to the airport.
I have promised myself that I'll be back to Moscow in June.. 12 years long gap will
never, ever happen again. After all, I have russian heart and russian blood and that's
something that can't ever be calmed down. So, Moscow, I'll be back! :)


                                             one last breakfast at amazing Savoy hotel, Moscow

last minute chill before taking off to the airport

great service and relaxing time @ sheremetyevo airport, 
jazz business lounge

and very "goofy" photo from yesterday night, 
which can also be titled 
photo of the day ( getting my fever down )


  1. Natalia hello
    I wish you health, and a safe return home.
    thank you for the amazing pictures from Moscow,
    I greet all your family

  2. Very nice post. The first one is so supper.

  3. Nice photos, hope you're feeling better. Thank you for sweet comment :)

  4. like the last photo))
    nice )

    Angela Donava

  5. Oh Natali, I'm so sorry to read this, I really hope you are better! I still hope you could enjoy Moscow to its fullest, it's one of the cities I have yet to visit! I so enjoyed all your photos on Instagram!
    Have a lovely week my dear friend!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Im so sorry you weren't feeling well. Get well soon!

  7. Hola linda, acabo de descubrir tu blog y es muy interesante, enhorabuena por tu trabajo :)

    Te invito a que te pases por mi blog.

    Un beso desde

  8. It's so sad, that you are sick. We have some kind of virus here in Moscow. Most of my friends who stayed in the city for the holidays are sick now. Hope you will be better soon.

  9. Cool pictures

    Check my new post

  10. your vacation looks amazing! sorry you're sick though : (


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