Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moscow - day 4

Oh boy, what a day!? It could have all gone super wrong, but
in the end everything went perfectly and I'm right now super emotional,
my heart is bursting of happiness and everything still feels surreal.
I woke up this morning with high fever (39.3 degrees) and I couldn't get up
from bed and it felt as if I was dying.
After some cold towels all over my body and super strong pill of Ibuprofen
I have regained some power after a while and did managed to get some clothes
on and take taxi to the outskirts of Moscow, city called Elektrostal where my
grandpa lives. When we have finally arrived to his flat, I was completely confused
and happy since it's been 12 years ago since my last visit there.
We had family lunch, very traditional and handmade by my mom. It was amazing
to catch up with my russian side of family and I was very proud to introduce my
little daughter and my man to my family.
We couldn't stay for very long because I'm sick and because ride back to Moscow
takes over an hour, but those couple of hours while we were in Elektrostal felt
I did managed to visit food store with my mom and grab couple of small food products
which I want to bring back home to Helsinki.
We're leaving Moscow tomorrow morning and it feels as if we were here for only a day...
I definitely need to come back asap!

                                                 keeping hydrated with russian water

and green jasmine tea from coffee shop

kitay gorod

lunch at my grandpa's place

ice creams of my childhood :)

with my russian grandpa nikolai

Shibaevs - 4 generations :)

street i used to play on a lot when i was little kid

some goodies i'm taking back home with me


  1. It looks cozy. Always very enjoyable reading your blog :)
    - Amalie.

  2. honor
    beautiful family photos, a very precious moments
    Natalia greet your whole family

  3. Amazing photos. Hope you're having a wonderful time :) x

  4. Nice post!

  5. A walk down the memory lane , i know how emotional can it be .

    check out my latest post :-

  6. Didn't expect that you are originally from Electrostal! I live not far from this place. It's so nice that you find attractive such ordinary things for us as "Аленка", "Медовик", мороженка, etc. Have a safe trip home!

    1. Small things are big things in life for me and real big things are out of this world experiences for me :)
      I love my russian roots and I consider myself 100% russian, since I was born there, my mom is from there and my heart will always be there :)

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  8. Lovely photos :) Ah , I am really missing my grand dad :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know,

    Aree With Umbrella

  9. Lovely pictures!!


  10. Great pictures, love your blog. kisses from spain!! following you since now.

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  12. The cake looks yummy :)

  13. Jao, moraš prestati da ovim sličicama, zavidim, hehe :D
    Ali ozbiljno, divne su i jedva čekam da čekiram "otići u Moskvu" <3

    1. hehe, hvala ti! nadam se da ces i otici u moskvu jer stvarno ima se sto za vidjeti i dozivjeti.
      to je tako jedan poseban grad... ne znam, ja sam bez teksta ostala :) eto, navijam za tebe i moskvu! :)

  14. amazing summary pics


    if you want we can follow each other!! let me now darling!

  16. love pellegrino!

    xoxo from nyc &

  17. Beautiful pictures, especially the one with your grandpa.

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  18. i like your sweater! :*

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  21. super nice pictures:)


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