Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's look

It's been quite cold day today. When I woke up this
morning, temperature bar showed 0°C outside.
I didn't do much today except taking it easy and sucking in
last days of November. I can't believe that December starts this Thursday!!
Where did this whole year passed by? :O
Anyway here're couple of photos of my outfit and some other iPhone photos.

This is what I wore: Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Acne, Blouse- Esprit,
Cardigan - Asos, Jacket - Mango, Purse - Mango,
Scarf & bracelet - Accessorize, Ring - Deni design

                         went to check some crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc. :)

              selfmade creamy garlic potatoes and salmon with cream bonjour

                                                      my homework :)

                                view from my balcony this morning

               Christmas shopping window of Stockmann department store

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Topshop wishlist

I'm veeery much into online shopping and I get seriously happy if
some brands that I can't find in Finland, do have online store and are
shipping to my country.
We don't have Topshop in Helsinki, but they do ship over here, so
I've been browsing a little bit through their online store this afternoon
and here's what I've put on my wish list:

What are your favorite pieces from my wish list? :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Closer to Christmas!

Christmas is getting closer and there's no snow in Helsinki yet.
It's quite weird situation, since for at least past 2 years we had 30 cm
of snow end of November.
I'm starting to miss the snow, even tho I'm secretly wishing it would be
Spring already :D

I got news from the gallery couple of days ago that teacher from one of
Helsinki high schools came with group of her students to check out
my photo exhibition as part of their cultural education!!!
IT'S MIND BLOWING to receive such great news!!
Even some of the students got inspired and said that they might think
of pursuing photography as their future career.

This is what I wore today + some iPhone photos :)

Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Diesel, Tunic - Vero Moda, Belt - Asos,
Cardigan - River Island, Cuff and ring - HOH1960,
Necklace - gifted, Clutch - Accessorize

                                  my favorite Christmas drink, warm Glögi

                              Santa's living room in Sello shopping center

                         skin savior!!! can't live without this cream

                     my little daughter check out xmas tree by accessorize

                          very interesting and creative book

                                 mr. Santa visiting Kamppi

                          marvelous Rucola pizza from Dennis pizzeria

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's look

This is the sentence with which I've started my day:

‎"Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places."

It's been quite rainy and gloomy day, but what lifted my
spirits up was the fact that I ate some nice take away lunch,
from my favorite Japanese restaurant in Helsinki called Kabuki and
the fact that I got to set the date for my first job interview next month.
Keep your fingers crossed for me people!

Here's an INTERVIEW regarding my photography which I did a week ago.

This is what I was wearing: Flats - Nilson, Jeans - Diesel, Under top - Asos,
Top - French Connection, Blazer - Marc O'Polo, Coat - Charlie Design,
Necklace and hair band - Accessorize, Ring - Deni design, Bag - Accessoires HR

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bits and pieces

I love my iPhone and I love it's great camera! I've been taking
many random photos and videos of things, people and places
that surround me every day.
I would like to share some photos with you and also announce
a very first giveaway on this blog! I'm 1 follower away from
total of 100 followers of my blog, so when I reach 100, I'll make
a giveaway :)

                                                        me, chilling out  :)

                                         my killer blueberry pie!

                                  my favorite salad from Jahto coffee place

                          tea from Robert's Coffee, finnish version of Starbucks

                             freshly pressed, organic juices and smoothies

                                                           my sister :)

                                                    biiiig Christmas tree

                                    delicious cakes&pastries at Esplanadi bar

                                          small but wonderful coffee place      

                                                       me, myself and I

                                      early morning, Helsinki downtown
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