Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outfit post - Divenire

It's gotten really, really chilly in Helsinki. Almost all of the trees
lost their leaves and we get occasional snow/ rain every now and then.
Despite the gloomy weather, I've decided to have an easy going morning
with my man downtown.
It was refreshing to find another little and cozy cafe with delicious food,
great tea and coffee menu and variety of smoothies, ice creams and juices.
It's called Fratello and is located at Kluuvi shopping mall, but you can enter it
directly from the street level, across the Helsinki University.
Check it out if you're visiting Helsinki or living here.

Another place I've finally discovered today is Kiehl's store. I have never tried
their products before and I've been interested to try them out, so today I finally
went in their shop and with the help of super sweet girl that worked there, found
perfect products for my skin ( hopefully, gotta see how they work on my skin ).

In the end we went to Organic/ veggie store and on the way there, we've passed
through my favorite city park which looked so pretty that we had to take
couple of outfit photos there :)

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Diesel, Blazer - Max&Co.,
Coat - Charlie design, Bag - Bianco, Scarf - Alexander McQueen,
Beanie & gloves - Lindex

Monday, October 29, 2012

Instagram diary

One of my favorite things to do is to take photos via Instagram.
Before I had this app on my phone, I have missed to document
some of the smallest and nicest moments in my every day life.
It's so easy to just pull out my cellphone and take a lovely close up
photo of some detail/ moment that was important that particular day :)

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                                                                   my usual breakfast time

my birthday present to myself :)

out for a bike ride with my little daughter

my super talented daughter did this!

we already had first snow, too early I'd say

killing time on the way downtown

breakfast at my favorite cafe - Esplanadi cafe 

my latest purchases :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Outfit post - 1st snow

So, I woke up this morning and have realized that the first
snow fell over the night in Helsinki. I'm definitely not jumping
for joy right now because this is too soon for the Winter to come.
I hope that this little snow that has covered the streets will melt
away and that we'll have a week or two of no snow in sight.

Thank you all for your nice comments about my STORE!
They made me really happy :) You're all very sweet people!

The outfit which I'm wearing today to run my errands ( today, instead
of ballerinas I have boots on of course ), I wore yesterday as well for the
movies with my husband.
We have finally watched Step Up Revolution 3D which we've been planning
to see for a long while :P
It's such a great movie! Dance choreographies were outstanding!!
I have seen all Step Up movies and this one was the best one so far.

I have a funny scheduled day today which requires me to go back and forth
home-downtown, so I better get going.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Vagabond, Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt - A Wear,
Blazer & scarf - Zara, Purse - Accessorize, Rings - Deni design & Bijou Brigitte

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My store updated!

Hello everyone! I'm not sure how many of you know that
I have my little STORE open online and it's pretty much the place
where I put all of the clothes that I want to sell which I haven't
used more than twice. All the clothes are in great condition, as well
as accessories.
I'm shipping WORLDWIDE!! and economy class is free, while priority is
only 10 euros :)

I have just updated my store with 6 new cool items, so check it out HERE!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outfit post - Missoni

Yesterday was a lovely day! This beautiful bag by Rebecca Minkoff
arrived right away in the morning. I love the color and the leather is
so smooth. That was my present to myself for my birthday :)
Another little thing I bought couple of weeks ago was this sweater dress
by Missoni for Lindex - fight against the breast cancer campaign.
Steve Madden boots are one of my most favorite boots ever, I feel so
confident in them :)
My new parka has been keeping me warm, since it was only +6°C most
of the day. Autumn is definitely in the full swing and Winter is almost
knocking on the doors.
Even though I think that a year flew by in a second, I do love some things
about Winter time and my favorite holidays are in Winter too.

I'm off downtown now to get some more props for the upcoming photo
shoots. I can't wait to share more new photos with you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Instagram diary

Thank you everyone on your b-day wishes, they made me happy :)
I've been so lazy for the past two days! After lots of cleaning and baking on
Thursday, celebrating my birthday on Friday, Saturday and yesterday was all
about just laying around and eating some Thai food. The best food
for hangovers and feeling better :)
Last evening we went to see one rock show, band called Steel Panther
and have celebrated my birthday once more :D
It was an awesome evening, the best rock show I have ever seen!

Here's an Instagram diary with couple of photos from my b-day party.
Have a nice Sunday!

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                                         super pretty mushrooms I found on my walk in the forest

the best thing to keep you warm during Autumn days 
is a large cup of tea :)

out and about 

newly found super cute tea shop/ cafe 
Tee Huone

Lacuna Coil concert in Helsinki

me at work :)

birthday celebration :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Outfit post - Happy birthday to me!

Here's my 1st outfit post as 18 years old! Hahah, yea right,
just kidding :) It was my birthday today and I have turned more than
I would want to admit, but I have no other option than embrace my
years and love whatever that one more + year brings to my life.
Over a glass of vintage Dom Perignon and in company of my girls
I have wished for myself to have the best year of my life so far!
I truly hope that it will be because I feel that with 25, which I have turned
today, everything is possible!

I do remember times when I was teenager and have always added couple
of years more than what I had, because I thought that it was so cool to be
older, but nowadays my point of view is quite different... Every year brings
something with it and changes you in this or that way, every year is equally
beautiful and worthy.
I have only one life which I choose to live with full lungs and not care about
way too many candles on my cake.

Chin-chin :)

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Vagabond, Jeans - Diesel, Shirt - Esprit, Vest - Zara,
Belt - Mango, Parka - Mango, Scarf - Zara, Jewelry - HOH1960, Bag - Zara

the best birthday present I could ever get 

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