Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Outfit post - Blue on blue

Good Wednesday everyone!
I'm writing this post while sipping on my favourite Pukka tea
and daydreaming about upcoming holidays.
Isn't it crazy that in two days we'll enter the month of November?
I can't believe how fast this year flew by.

I have lots of plans for the weekend, so I'm very much looking forward
to Saturday when me and my sister will go out and hopefully have
lots of fun on two shows we're planning to check out :)

I got this coat back in July at Turku city in some small shop on the side
street and immediately fell in love with it.
This is the first time I'm wearing it and I can see that it will become one
of my favourite pieces in my closet.

Have a great day and stay tuned :)

I'm wearing: Boots - Vagabond, Jeans - Diesel, Coat - Uusi Kuu,
Blouse - Mango, Necklace - Adia Kibur, Bag - Celine

Monday, October 28, 2013

Outfit post - Poncho

Happy Monday!!

My Monday kicked off by going to the gym and for me,
that's one of the best ways to not just start your day but a
whole new week.

This day wasn't super shiny happy one and the weather is
pretty bad, esp. after switching clocks one hour backwards
over the weekend and it messed up the inner clock + the
daylight is almost non existent, very short and mainly rainy,
BUT... I have learned that it's all about how you look at the
things and how you deal with them is what makes the difference.

Sometimes, "rainbow" is right there, but because you're so occupied
with the clouds you have hard times to see that rainbow.
So today I have decided to be content and just keep the positive attitude
because if you have to deal with something, rather approach it from
the happy point of view :)

Anyway, have a great day everyone, I'm off to a children's bday party
and am ready to eat some cake!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Clarks, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden - Bag - Tory Burch,
Necklace - Zara, Bangle - gift, Blouse - Vila, Poncho - Esprit

Friday, October 25, 2013

Outfit ideas - Paint it black

Hello everyone and happy Friday :)
I've been "playing" at Polyvore a little bit and I made these
three collages which I would like to share with you.
Wanting or not, liking it or not but black is in full swing this season.
Black is the new black as they say. Do you have your "black" go to

Here're couple of ideas how to style black pieces and incorporate
them in your daily/ evening outfits this Fall/ Winter.

Zoe Karssen sweatshirt
Mango jeans
Converse sneakers
Givenchy tote
London genie
Burberry coat
Topshop snood

Kenzo Pants
Miu Miu bag
Kate Spade watch
Acne pistol boots
Muuba leather jacket
Rag and Bone hat
Rag and Bone sweater

Burberry coat
Valentino bag
Chanel lipstick
Ralph Lauren blouse
Burberry skirt
Jimmy Choo high heels

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Outfit post - Do what you want

Seems like mid of the week always comes faster than
what I can think of it. It's almost the end of October and
next week will be all about Halloween. Are you prepared
for it? Do you celebrate it or do you just skip the whole thing?

I haven't been fan of Halloween before but since my daughter
grew up a little bit, all of the holidays, including Halloween got
a whole new feel and now I'm as excited as she is :)
I've bought some small house decor and will bake a special Halloween
cupcakes next week.

Today was very rainy, foggy and chilly day so I had to bring out
my Hunter boots once again. I just love how easy it is to wear them
and they're also so comfortable.
This knit was last year's purchase from Zara sales and it's still as good
as when I brought it home from the store.

I have some e-mails to catch up with and do lots of planning for the upcoming
two months, so I better get going now :)
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

I'm wearing: Boots - Hunter, Jeans - Diesel, Shirt - Free People, Knit - Zara,
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Bracelet - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Scarf - Gant,
Necklace - Deni design

Monday, October 21, 2013

Outfit post - Spacebound

Good Monday everyone!!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key.
On Saturday I have celebrated my 26th b-day over the cake in
a cafe downtown and on Sunday I went to see a movie in the cinema.
I'm looking forward to the real b-day celebration in two weeks, it's
going to be so much fun :)

I'm wearing my new Burberry padded coat in this post. It's a must
have "garment" when living in a cold and long Winter type of place
as I do.

It's a beautiful and sunny day ( also cold ) in Helsinki and I'm enjoying
every minute of it :) I just came back from the gym and grocery shopping.
Time to make some lunch and then I'll go out for a walk and breath in some
more fresh air.

Have a great beginning of this week! Much love!

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday wishes that you left me on the blog/ Instagram.

I'm wearing: Padded jacket/ coat - Burberry, Boots - Steve Madden,
Bag - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Jeans - Mango,
Shirt - Samuji, Sweater & ring - COS, Bracelet - (gift) Marc By Marc Jacobs

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday + Instagram diary

Happy birthday to me :D
On this day, 26 years ago I was born in Moscow, Russia and
even though I was very close to be dead while coming to this world,
some higher power has decided that I was meant to live, so here I am :)

Thank you everybody on your sweet and kind comments on my previous
post, you all made me feel better.

The real birthday celebration will happen on the 1st week of November,
but for now, I have spent this morning with my girls downtown and had
my b-day cake. Ok, I also did some shopping online and can't wait for
the stuff to arrive :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

                                                   Birthday face :)

Birthday cake @ Cafe Esplanadi 

My sister surprised me with this right away in the morning :)

Bobbi Brown cosmetics are finally in Helsinki

City looks beautiful at this time of the year 

Shopping date with my sister

Juicing away @ Kippo yoghurt cafe

Great blue cheese/ walnut salad @ Kuppi ja Muffini cafe

Morning, no make up face :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Never let me go... Thoughts on turning 26

This month has been really weird for me... I've been more
emotional and stressed out than usual, days have passed by
faster than I could say "days" and I still had constant feeling that
I haven't done enough or not as fast as I have expected.
Not a single one of these almost 19 days of October, that I have felt
energised and I have lacked motivation for pretty much anything.
Maybe it's been the change of the seasons, the cold, the shortage of
daylight... but I think that the big reason why I have felt like this is
because I knew that I'm turning 26 this month.

I used to love my birthdays, every time when the time came
to turn a year older I had no problem with it, quite the opposite, but
somehow this year it's been a big problem for me.
As if I just want to stop the time and stay 25 for another year.

When I look back through the past 5 years... Oh boy, so much has
happened, my life has changed completely and has been thrown upside down
so many times. I have seen, done, experienced so much, yet I feel that
I'm not in the place where I want to be.

Life is a funny thing... There's no a guide through life, to what and when life
will bring onto you. I feel that the past 5 years were really hard on me but
at the same time have thought me a lot!

I have learned how to be patient, how to love, how to follow your heart,
how to appreciate the smallest things, how to be responsible...
I have fought sadness, depression, I gave birth to a beautiful little human,
I have learned new language, travelled, found and lost myself 1000 times,
fought, loved, cried, laughed, been companion, friend, sister, mom, daughter...

YET! I feel that I haven't done everything I wanted to do by this age, nor
I have seen or experienced everything I have planned to, but you know how they
say, while people are making plans, gods are laughing at them :)

One thing that makes me more calm about tomorrow is the hope and belief
that in next 5 years I will be able to say that I'm happy where I am then,
to feel fulfilled and at pace, at least in some ways...

Some of my family members won't be able to share the "celebration" moment
with me tomorrow, but I'm happy to have the best girls company in form of my
daughter and sister while eating my birthday cake :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Outfit post - Survival

Happy Wednesday!

Hope that you're all doing well. I just came back from the gym
and a quick visit to Italian market on one of the squares in the city.
I will visit it more thoroughly tomorrow so check out my Instagram
for some nice photos :)
I got fresh garlic goat's cheese and old and mature Gouda which I can't
wait to use in my meals.
I saw some amazing looking cannolis so I'll get those tomorrow!

This blouse was a one of a kind find on recent department store
sales which I saw and snatched it off the rails as I fell in love with
it right away and that was the last piece hanging there.
Hope you will like the way I have styled it with the rest of the outfit.

It's sunny but very chilly today, so I'm going to try to make myself
go out for a walk later on because at times we don't see sun for months
here in Helsinki, so I want to enjoy it while I can.

Have a great day!!

I'm wearing: Coat - By Malene Birger, Blouse - Red Valentino,
Jeans - Tiger of Sweden, Shoes - Calvin Klein, Bag - Celine,
Earrings - Accessorize, Ring - Deni design

Monday, October 14, 2013

Outfit post - The cape

Good morning everyone!
It's the beginning of the new working week and I'm
kicking mine off by going to the gym, running errands and
making plans, setting deadlines, etc. for my photography.

How was your weekend? I had great time with friends and family.
This coming weekend is my birthday and I can't believe that it's already
that time of the year when I'll once again turn a year older.
Where does the time fly... seriously?

We've been lucky with the weather for the past couple of days since
it's been very nice and sunny outside.
I have decided to take my new cape out for an outfit post.
Ever since I saw this cape on Elena Perminova I knew I needed to have it.
It's from H&M A/W '13 collection which was premiered on Paris Fashion
Week earlier in Spring. Hope you like it :)

Have a great day!

I'm wearing: Cape, blouse & clutch - H&M's A/W '13 collection from Paris,
Shoes - Calvin Klein, Jeans- Diesel, Sunnies - Celine,
Earrings & ring - Deni design

Friday, October 11, 2013

Life in colours of a rainbow

Happy Friday afternoon and the beginning of the weekend!
I have decided to write a bit different post today, which I like
to do every once in a while.
Something completely non-fashion related but very much related
to the lifestyle, the one that I lead or strive to lead.

I got very inspired couple of days ago by my little soon to be 5
years old daughter.
I don't mention her on blog often, but now I just have to because
that little human being has thought me so much about life, love and
patience. She has opened my eyes and made me love life the way
I never did before or though that it could ever be possible.

Couple of days ago I have realised that she's been mentioning word
"rainbow" in almost everything she did, played with, talked about...
Everything is a big rainbow for her and she even coloured in colouring
book with different crayons just to make a certain drawing look like a
rainbow or have rainbow colours.

I used to suffer from deep depression for a very long time and in dark
periods like those were, I couldn't see the beauty that surrounded me,
I couldn't be happy about pretty much anything and nothing seemed to
fill to void inside of me, but now... Especially now, since the little one
got me so inspired with her "rainbow" point of view, I'm able to enjoy
the beauty in the smallest things.

Nature outside looks amazing at this time of the year! Everything looks
like an Autumn rainbow. Leaves are everywhere in all possible shades
of red and yellow, sun shines more beautifully than usual, air smells fresher,
sea looks calmer, rain inspires me...

My point is that... Depression or no depression, I feel that me/ we often
forget to appreciate just the moment that we're in, to see life in different
dimension, forget about any problems, high expectations and just breathe in
and breathe out and see the beauty that is everywhere around us.

Have a beautiful weekend all you sweet people!

P.S. Thank you for all the comments. I always read all of them and
am thankful for each and every one of them :)
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