Monday, April 30, 2012

Outfit post - Somebody I used to know

Hello sweethearts!
First of all I would like to express my gratitude
by thanking to everyone who read/ commented on
the last post. It was very interesting, inspiring and refreshing
to read your comments about such delicate topic as that one.
Thank you once again!

Today was such a beautiful and sunny day. I've spent it
by having a nice stroll downtown with my little family.
Tomorrow is holiday, so this day is like a pre-party day
for tomorrow.
Whole downtown was filled with hellion balloons everywhere
and my little daughter had to get one too of course :D
As you can see from the photos, we ended up buying the
green pig one, from Angry Birds game.

We have also done some shopping and then went for
super delicious cupcakes at newly open cupcake place
in Helsinki called MorMor cupcakes.
Mmmm, little piece of heaven :D

This evening whole city will go crazy partying and
getting drunk everywhere, but I will skip the crazy
partying this year since I've caught flu so the best is
to stay at home and have some nice sauna time :)

Here're some photos from today!
Have a great day everyone!!


Bolivian natives

interesting equipment for the party night :D



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fat vs. Skinny

Here's something a little bit different on my blog.
I've been thinking now for couple of days should I write
or should I not write this text, but seeing that lately people
have been commenting on my daily outfits pointing out my
weight, I've decided that I should do this.

I'm not doing this to change anyone's opinion on what's
healthy or what's not, what's beautiful or what's not, just
wanna see how my readers are thinking outside the usual
thoughts about the clothes or some other stuff that I've been
posting on this blog.

I wonder what is beautiful? Who can say or decide why
is someone more beautiful or pretty than somebody else?

I have just read that Beyonce was voted the most beautiful
woman in the world by the choice of People magazine.
Some might agree, some might disagree, but I think that it's
a little bit silly to choose anyone as the most beautiful woman
or a man in this world, since there's no definition of beauty!

In my mind beauty comes from the inside, soul is what matters,
we're anyway just borrowing this body that we're living in.
Of course, in another way, body matters too, so that it's a
good home to our soul while it's living in it.

I'm in love with the healthy lifestyle, but haven't been able to lead
one myself for the past 4 years. Huge lack of sleep, huge amounts
of stress and not always eating healthy sure did affect my weight,
but I haven't lost more than 5 kg since 4 years back and my
body weight has been pretty much always the same before that.

I wonder why do people always think that if somebody is skinny,
btw I would rather use other word here - SLIM, is automatically
called or pointed out as anorexic or looking bad or in need of
couple of hamburgers, etc.
Also, who has the right to call anyone fat?? Again, I would use
another word for this and that's CURVY!

Why people can't be SLIM if they've been like that because of
genetical predispositions ( like myself ), or because they're
leading very healthy life style, or because they're being under
a lot of stress?

Why people can't be CURVY if they've been like that because of
genetical predispositions ( esp. latin women ), or because they're
also leading healthy lifestyle, or because they're also maybe under
lots of stress and sometimes finding comfort in food??

I think that we all know how anorexia and overweight look like
and these two things are big sicknesses and I believe that it's not
easy to deal with them as it's not easy to deal with any other kind
of sickness, but let's not mix up SLIM & CURVY with these
other two.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Outfit post - Floral feeling

The sunny days are here to stay, at least that's what
the forecast people are saying :)
I'm hoping for such nice days, esp. since I get to wear
such girly and "light" outfits as I did yesterday and today.

I've received my new package from Asos yesterday and
these two beauties (ring&cuff) from HOH1960 and one
French Connection dress were in it.
I love shopping on Asos, the service is great and they have
an awesome prices too!

Tomorrow is the day reserved for Children's fair and
shopping downtown. I'm couple of t-shirts and blouses
short in my closet, so it's time to take care of that!

Have a great weekend! :)

I'm wearing: Boots - Mjus, Skirt - Esprit, Bag - Bianco,
Top - Free People, Blazer - Marc O'Polo, Scarf - Mango,
Cuff, ring & earrings - House of Harlow 1960

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outfit post - Dance with me

Unlike yesterday, this day has been such a
wonderful, sunny day and quite warm as well :)
I have used this great opportunity to get some
new outfit photos and also to go for a walk downtown
with my little family.
Life can be so beautiful... It takes only couple of
small things to happen at the right time in the
right place and TADAAA... magic happens :)

There's less than a month left until my next two
photo shoots and I can't wait to take the camera
in my hands and roll the show!
I have had these two ideas ready in my head since
end of last year and I'm literally bursting inside to
take these photos.
I'll keep you posted about this, it will be awesome :)

I'm wearing: Skirt - Zara, Top - Burberry, Boots - Mjus,
Leather jacket - Levi's, Bag & ring - Accessorize,
Belt - Mango, Earrings - Swarovski, Sunglasses - Prada

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outfit post and giveaway winner!!

Cloudy/ rainy day... I feel tired and look tired, so sorry
for tired outfit photos :P I hope for nicer weather so that
I can finally wear all of my beautiful, girly Spring/ Summer
clothes and finally change the scenario of my outfit posts.

I got to know that my sister is coming to visit me next
Monday and I'm very happy about that. Can't wait to
spend some quality sister-time :)

Have a nice afternoon folks, I'm off to do some damage by
online shopping :D

P.S. Giveaway winner is:

I'm wearing: Boots - Mjus, Dress - Zara, Belt - Mango,
Jacket - Zara, Hairband & bracelet - Bijou Brigitte,
Purse - Accessories HR

Monday, April 23, 2012

First birthday!!!

Happy first birthday to my blog!

A year and one day ago was
the day when I have started this blog, which means that the
real birthday was yesterday :)
I'm very happy and proud how this blog has turned into a beautiful
visual and written diary which I have shared with so many of you.
I hope that I did managed to inspire you and I will do my best
to keep on doing so.

Thank you once again for reading and following my blog, what's
the point of doing something if it's not fun or inspiring for anyone
involved, right!? I'm very honored that you my dear readers
come back day after day to check out what's new on the blog :)

Don't forget to enter the giveaway which ends tomorrow!

Here's a small iPhone diary for you :)

                                 This is how my almost backyard looks like :)

                                    My favorite park in Helsinki

                                     Tea time at Esplanadi cafe

                                  Gorgeous roses and new Vogue

                                Details of my new two dresses :)

                                These guys are hanging out on my balcony :)

Visiting my parent's in law

Street player/ entertainer 

                                    Me and my man on the road :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outfit post - Lady in black

Finally some sun has arrived to Helsinki this afternoon
and that makes me super happy so I'm gonna go for a
walk outside  with my little family, therefore I won't write
too long :)
Two days ago I've decided to enter Monki store for the
first time and give it a try. It's not my cup of tea, but
it did surprise me with this beautiful black blouse which
was totally different style than any other clothes they had
in Monki.

Tomorrow is this blog's first birthday and I will celebrate
with you and at home. Girl's gotta have a cake or two on
special occasions, right? :D

Have a nice Saturday and check out the giveaway in my
previous post!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Nilson, Skirt - Zara, Blouse - Monki,
Bag - Zara, Bracelet - Asos, Ring & earrings - HOH1960

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