Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Outfit post - Saying goodbye

Good morning everyone!
It's a sunny Tuesday and I'm looking forward to spend
some time outside on the fresh air and just try to clear my
head and place my thoughts in order as right now I'm a "hot" mess.

Yesterday was the last day of my sister being here in Helsinki and
after 2 years of living together and then only few minutes away from
each other, it feels surreal that she's now gone...
It's for better, but still, my best friend is not a phone call/ walk away anymore.
We've spent the whole day together, starting by an early morning walk
downtown, then we've snapped these outfit photos and headed towards
one of our favourite cafes in the city Strindberg.
After a delicious salmon salad and Brita cake, we've headed to do some small
shopping and just stroll through the city.

Afternoon and evening were reserved for watching some TV together,
eating take away from super amazing turkish boys joint FaFa's and
in the end playing puzzles with my little daughter.

I hate saying goodbye and I don't like changes as much as I thought that I do,
but when I'm really, really honest with myself... I DO love changes and I do
love closing some chapters as that can mean only one thing, beginning of
something new and amazing! :)

Have a beautiful day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas & earrings - Chanel, Leggings - Falke, Skirt - Esprit,
Coat - Vika Gazinskaya for &otherstories, Bag - Celine, Blouse - Acne,
Ring - HOH1960, Cardigan - COS, Scarf - By Malene Birger

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday afternoon at Kabuki

Hello my dear readers!
How are you doing? How was your weekend?
After a really tough week, I was in a serious need of a good
"pick me up" and what's better way to make your mood much
better than over a nice lunch with nice people?

I went to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Helsinki
with my sister and her boyfriend. This restaurant used to be
my go-to place for so long, but the owner has changed now 3 times
and I haven't heard good reviews of Kabuki after that 3rd owner took
over. Then they've been on a break since April this year because of huge
plumbing renovation of the whole building and finally they've opened
their doors two days ago and I just had to go and test the menu before
I make up my mind if it's still going to be my favourite restaurant or not.

OH MY!!! The food was as delicious and perfect as I remember.
Every single dish on an endless menu was presented impeccably and
the service was very fast and welcoming.

To start, we had Sake ( soft one ) and then the food feast has followed :)
Rows of wakame salad, kalamari, tuna steak in teriyaki sauce, all sorts of
sushi rolls, inari, nigiri, yasai itamae, yakiniku and tempuras were enough
to make us fall into "food coma" but there was still tiny little space left to
fit in one desert in form of fried banana and vanilla ice cream in toffee sauce.

If you are a sushi/ Japanese food lover as I am and you happen to be visiting
Helsinki, do yourselves a favour and check out Kabuki on Lapinlahdenkatu 12.
I can also strongly recommend this place for vegans/ vegetarians as there're tons
of options for these kind of lifestyles too.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Outfit post - Red and plaid

Good Wednesday everybody!
I haven't slept well for the last couple of nights, my little princess 
is fighting with flu and ear infection, the weather has gone 
all cold on us in Helsinki, the temperatures have dropped down 
10-11°C in less than 24 hours, I also had my last filling and tooth 
"cover" done yesterday, so once again I have looked like a tomato 
and felt crappy, etc... 
Not the best week and sometimes, no matter how positive you try 
to think and deal with everything, sometimes you just need this one 
day to simply feel like *hit, cry it out if you have to and have a nice 
comfort in form of chocolate bar or an ice cream sundae... 
That's what this day will serve me for and hopefully tomorrow will 
be much better.

On a bit lighter note, here's an outfit which I wore last weekend when 
the sun was still shining and it was remotely warm outside. 

Have a great day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Espadrilles & earrings - Chanel, Sunnies - Dior, Bag - Celine, 
Jeans - Tiger of Sweden, Plaid shirt - Esprit, Blazer - Rachel Zoe, 
Ring - HOH1960, Bracelets - JCrew

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Outfit post - Then you learn

Good Monday morning everyone!
I've just finished eating my breakfast in bed and am
soon going to the gym to get some good workout done.
I'm also meeting my friend later on and have tons of things
to take care of in between, so I better get going :).

Last Friday I went out for dinner with friends. We went to a
Japanese restaurant Koto and have enjoyed lots of great traditional
meals as well as sushis.
This is the outfit which I wore that evening and we shot it in one
of my favourite parks. I love parks, I always feel at peace whenever I'm
in one and some of them hold special magic such as Bryant Park in NYC
or one on Chistoprudny Bulvar in Moscow.

Weekend was quite hard having to face some facts and make decisions,
more about that later on when I'm ready to share more, but the point which
I wanted to bring up is that no matter which curve balls life throws at you,
never give up, always wake up, show up and do your best.
Those who believe and are persistent in following their dreams will get there
sooner or a bit later but they will reach their goals and see how worth it's to
believe in yourself, even when many odds are against you.

How was your weekend dear readers? I hope that you've had a great one
and are ready to kick ass this week! :)

I'm wearing: Blazer - JCrew, Blouse - Samuji, Bag - Celine, Jeans - Diesel,
Bracelets - JCrew, Flats - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Earrings - Asos, Ring - HOH1960

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Outfit post - Electric night

So we meet again Friday...
Today I don't feel like writing much... Instead, I want to 
just take a moment and be grateful... Be thankful for the 
smallest things which are BIG things. I constantly need to 
remind myself that small things are the ones that life is 
built from. Chase is always sweeter than the catch, right? 

I'm thankful that I had good dentist visit, that I have spent 
time with my sister who also happens to be my best friend, 
that I have a daughter which is the most precious anything and 
everything in my life, that I have this funny man by my side who 
loves me with all of my faults, that we've had prolonged "summer" in 
Finland, that I'm about to go for a sushi date with my friends 
this evening... There's so much to be thankful for in only last 
couple of days, but since I never put it on paper or in the blog 
as I did now, I very often forget how much there is to be thankful 
for on daily basis.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody and stay safe!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Asos, Sweater - Balenciaga, Bag - Chanel, 
Scarf - Esprit, Sunnies - Celine, Coat - By Malene Birger, 
Necklace - COS, Bracelet - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Jeans - Diesel 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Outfit post - Me and mini me

Here's to the last Wednesday of Summer.
Can you believe that in only 5 days we'll enter the Fall officially?
I even saw a quote saying that there're only 15 more Fridays
until Christmas!? Isn't this crazy? When did this whole year gone

I'm definitely feeling a good wind in my back to get more active and
do as many things as I can to progress as much as I can, privately and
December will be all about relaxing, spending time with family and
being in this magical holiday mood, so October and November better
be very exciting and active :D

I'm once again just about to head out to the dentist. This is my last tooth
that needs to get my temporary fillings removed and then next week I'll
get the permanent ones put in and I'm finally done with all of the pain
and anaesthetics. Wish me luck girls!

When it comes to this outfit post, I just had to add a little guest outfit
as well, since my beautiful little princess wanted to pose and show her
outfit of the day too! :D

Have a great day everyone!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Sunnies - Ray Ban,
Coat - Vika Gazinskaya for &otherstories, Scarf - Burberry, Bag - No name,
Jeans - Diesel, Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger, Bracelet - JCrew, Necklace - Tory Burch

Mini me is wearing: Blouse & sweatshirt - Zara, Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger,
Sneakers - Adidas

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Outfit post - Track, crush and prevail

Good morning world!!
How was your weekend my dear readers?
My weekend was all about some soul searching, indulging in
long walks outside ( we had a very sunny weekend ) and some
lovely Thai food, Masaman curry with veggies being my current
obsession :)

The outfit which I'm showing you in this post was my uniform over
the weekend. I felt feminine, comfortable and yet very rock n'roll.
This is also the first time I'm showing you my Pandora box by Givenchy
which I got at Luxbag, a must visit store if you're even in Helsinki and want
to do some quality shopping.
I'm absolutely in love with the bag, it's so spacious and so well designed that
I know without a doubt will last me for years.
That's def. one of the best things when investing in more pricy bags, if you
take good care of them, they'll last you a long time :)

I'm expecting a UPS package with Californication, season 7 and Sheila E.'s
book which I can't wait to start reading it as it will be filled with lots of amazing
stories from her times with Prince and I'm sure that I'll read this book in one
sitting :)

Last week I've managed to go to gym only twice, so this morning is reserved
for some gym time. I've got lots of great new music on my iPod which is great
for workout so it should be easy peasy to get the workout done :)

Have a great day everyone!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Vagabond, Jeans & blouse - Mango, Bag - Givenchy,
Cardigan - Diesel, Leather jacket - Zara, Bracelet - Balenciaga, Earrings - Tory Burch

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outfit post - The boy

Good Wednesday everybody!!
I got up early, had my breakfast and am soon going to the gym.
I've been at the dentist yesterday and after that I've been pretty
much in miserable state for the rest of the day + the whole day
has been a rainy one, so... I'm in a need of a good workout and
getting my spirit back :)

I'm looking forward to meeting with my sister today. Visit to our
favourite coffee place and some window shopping always helps
to feel better too!

I'm in the middle of looking for a place to stay in NYC during
my studies there this Fall. Can't wait to go to my dream city
and learn more about what I love to do the most - photography.

Sometimes it's so hard to believe in yourself, see past the obstacles
and see the whole picture in future tense, the place where you want
to be. I know that they say to concentrate on now and how far you've
come, which is great and I get that, but I'm always looking forward
to future, always looking towards what I want to achieve next, what I'm
going to do next... That's what keeps me going and keeps me "hungry".
I don't want to reach the "satisfaction" level just yet. Working towards
a dream/ goal is a huge gift itself. :)

Have a fabulous day my dear readers!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Clarks, Jeans - Diesel, Bag - Chanel, Tee - Mango,
Cardigan - COS, Earrings - Tory Burch

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