Thursday, February 28, 2013

MFW F/W 2013 - Salvatore Ferragamo/ Missoni


Very minimalistic, subtle collection without surprises.
I didn't find it interesting, sophisticated yes, but not something
I'm dreaming about having in my closet.
There were some great pieces such as white fur coat and coat + pants
on the last photo, but all in all I think that Ferragamo had better collections
than this one.


Absolutely beautiful and wearable collection, more darker than
usual, with interesting pattern and some bright colors throughout the
collection. I liked this collection very much and would gladly wear some
pieces such as nude long vest, ombre black patterned suit and black maxi dress.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MFW F/W 2013 - Dolce & Gabbana


Definitely my most favorite collection of them all that
I have reviewed so far. This is just amazing!! Every piece
is either piece of art or super wearable yet you feel like the most
special woman around, or at least I think that that's how women
feel wearing these astonishing designs.
Playing with icons and crowns that could easily represent Vatican
and intrigues that were brought up not long time ago.
Very daring, glamorous and one of the best D&G ever.

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