Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simone Fall 2011 by Katie Nehra

One of newly discovered brands and right now on my
top 5 designers/ brands to watch, which would also mean that
I'm completely crazy after Simone collection!!
At first I fell in love with leather biker jackets and then I discovered
Simone dresses... Oh those dresses!!!?? Beautiful!
Very innocent, but at the same time very sexy and "head turning" pieces.
The same feeling is in Simone collection for this Fall.
I can't decide which piece I love more... But I will get some, because it's a
must have in your closet :)
Since Spring and Summer are/ will be filled with crazy prints, color clashing,
floral prints, LOTS of colors in any way, it's very refreshing to see that main
two colors in Simone Fall 2011 are black and white.

On another note, Katie Nehra is an actress based in New York and LA, but
luckily she's not giving up on her passion for design and is bringing us every season
better and better collections.

Today's look

Finally a really nice, sunny and warm day! It was great to spend
almost the whole day outside. I wish that the weather could stay like
this for longer period than... 1 day?! :)

I'm wearing: Flats and bag - Bianco, Stockings - Falke, Dress - Burberry,
Blazer - Marc O'Polo, Earrings and ring - House of Harlow 1960,
Head band - Accessorize, Bangle - unknown, present from my aunt

Monday, May 30, 2011

Today's look

It's been very windy, but at least also sunny day.
I'm more and more dreaming of going on holidays and enjoy
some quality time on the beach and swimming in the sea :)

I'm wearing: Skinny jeans and snickers - Diesel, T-shirt - Tommy Hilfiger,
Cardigan - Zara, Coat - Michael Kors, Scarf - Burberry, Bag - Bianco,
Ring& earrings - Accessorize

Sunday, May 29, 2011

H&M Fall 2011 lookbook

Another high street brand lookbook that is floating online and has caught
my attention is H&M's. I have always been very sceptic with H&M, but since
Lanvin made collaboration with them last year, I was blown away and have
decided to give them "another" chance ;)
I have been really nicely surprised browsing through their Fall 2011 lookbook.
It has a little bit of everything in it, a lot of retro actually, 70's inspired looks
and it's a very stylish collection.

Asos Fall 2011 lookbook

I just found out that there's Asos lookbook for Fall 2011 available
for preview on the internet.
What did I find? I found AMAZING lookbook with lots of crazy
"mix and match" in it, clashing, some retro, some chic, some sophisticated
pieces. Great! Can't wait that these pieces became available, because I'll
definitely get some of these items. I loved the first dress, ballerina skirt
and green coat the most.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little black dress

I have always envied to guys or should I say male part of population :)
Whenever they're getting ready to go out to some fancy happening, wedding,
prom dance, baptizing, red carpet or just a dinner at fine dining restaurant,
all they have to do is just put their black suit on and that's it, they'll look
smokin' hot, while us girls, we have to always have a new look/ outfit for
each of these happenings and it always takes us "forever" to get ready.
After giving this fact a long thought... I came to conclusion that girls have their
secret weapon too!
It's a "little" black dress :) It's always playing safe with black dress.
You can wear it to any happening and you will always look great in it.
Also, you can wear it couple of times to different happenings, but only change
jewelry, hairdo, scarf, blazer, purse or shoes and you'll get completely new look
with the same dress.

Here are some nice black dresses from online shops:











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