Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Outfit post - Tonight

Hello everyone!! I can say that today was my "epiphany" day!
I have never been more aware of who I am and what I'm meant to
do and that's my dear readers pretty awesome feeling.
I hope that every one of you has this same feeling going on.
I'm going to the gallery Galleria 4-kuus, here in Helsinki tomorrow
to meet my curator and talk about the press release and some other
small details regarding the upcoming exhibition.
Also, hopefully next week my art work will be up online for sale at
Agora gallery's webshop Art Mine.
I'll keep you posted :)

I'm just super positive and excited about life right now like I've never been
before and I hope that you get some of my positivity by reading this
post. Lots of love to everyone and keep on rockin' girls :)

I'm wearing: Shoes - Stuart Weitzman, Jeans - Mango, Top - Mango,
Clutch - Accessorize, Necklace & bracelet - COS, Ring - Deni design,
Jacket - Zara

Monday, January 28, 2013

Outfit post - Aelita

It's already Monday! Time just flies so fast. I had a great
photo shoot back on Friday. It was freezing cold outside, but
I did managed to snap some photos I'm very proud of and will
show you in this post.
Weekend was all about editing those photos and deciding on the
prices and sizes of 20 photographs which will soon go to print
for the upcoming exhibition.
There's only a little bit over a month left until the opening night
and I'm so excited :)

I'm off to do some home chores and am wishing you a great beginning
of new week. Remember, it's never late to start fresh and anew a year
from now you'll wish that you have started today, that being said, I love

I'm wearing: Boots - Mjus, Dress - Asos, Cardigan - St. Tropez, Parka - Mango,
Bag - Rebecca Minkof, Earrings - HOH1960, Ring - Accessorize, Bangle - Mango,
Scarf - Gant

Here're some photos from the photo shoot! Check HERE for more.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Outfit post - A pirate's life for me

Morning my dear readers!
Weekend is almost here and I hope that all of you get to
relax and enjoy your free time with people you love doing things
you love :)
I'm definitely going to do something I love today already and that's
another photo shoot, which is also the last one for some time, until I
begin shooting new material after my exhibition.
The storyline of today's shoot is mix of Snow white's stepmom and
my vision of how evil often comes in nicely wrapped packages.
I'll share ready photos with you in my next post.

On another, more fashionable note, I feel that Spring has arrived in my
state of mind and I'm so ready to start shopping for Spring/ Summer clothes.
Anyone feeling the same? This must be some kind of "awakening" since
I have already put some bikinis and very lovely skirts and colorful tops in
my online "baskets" :D
Stripes are for now, the closest to S/S "feeling", so I have decided to put them
on today.

Thank you everyone for being so sweet and supportive. I read all of your comments
and try to visit and leave a comment on as many of your blogs as possible.
Have a kick ass Friday!

I'm wearing: Boots - Unisa, Jeans - Diesel, Top - A/Wear, Blazer & bag - Zara,
Wheel ring - Deni design, Metal ring - COS, Earrings - Swarovski

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Instagram diary

Here's another one in the row of Insta diaries which sums up
small details/ situations from past 2 weeks.
If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can do that by
going to my Instagram profile HERE!!

                                                             my daughter's b-day cake

little princess' b-day table

photo shoot day/ make up moment

view from my balcony early in the morning

some make up/ bath goodies

at the hairdresser

let them eat cake

shopping for photo shoot jewelry @ h&m

on the way to run my daily errands

gone with the snow :)

Cooking moment - classical lasagna recipe

Here's something new I would like to bring in my blog - cooking moment!
Even though it doesn't show on my body, I love to cook and
eat. I'm always up for new challenges in the kitchen and one of
the best feelings ever is to see my little family's and occasionally our
friends' happy faces when they taste food I prepare for them.
I've prepared meat and cheese lasagnas for my family a week ago, so
I wanted to share my simple recipe with you.
Usually if I'm not in a hurry, I'll do the bechamel sauce myself, but this time
I had to use the ready one from the grocery store.
Here we go:

                                               - heat up some olive oil in the pan and simmer the
                                                 diced onion for about a minute
                                               - add about 400-450 grams of organic minced meat
                                                 and stir everything together for about 8 minutes

-then add some crushed garlic, herbs of your 
own choice

-and tomato sauce
-stir everything well that it's nicely put together 
and one "layer" is ready

-prepare some cheese

-while you're waiting for lasagna pasta to boil

-put one layer of lasagna pasta, then minced meat 
layer, then bechamel sauce and top it all with 
grated cheese

-do same one more time and cover everything with 
lasagna pasta and some more cheese

-put it all in the owen for about 10-15 minutes

-and you have a delicious meal ready :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Outfit post - Driven like the snow

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that all of you are having a good
start to this new week. I had lots of fun during the weekend.
On Saturday we have celebrated our daughter's birthday and it was
so overwhelming to see her super happy about all the cakes, presents
and for the 1st time her kindergarten friends coming over.
Yesterday was just another lazy Sunday which included indulging in
delicious Thai take away food.
This morning I've been running my errands and one of them was to
find and buy dress and jewelry for the upcoming photo shoot on Friday.
It's going to be the last photo shoot before the exhibition opening in
March. I'm very much looking forward to this last photo shoot and then
finally to putting all the photos (which I've been shooting now for a year)
into printing process :)

I'm not sure anymore if I have already told you guys about this, but I'll be
exhibiting some of my photos in New York as well from 16th of August until
2nd of September at Agora gallery in Chelsea district and I'm very happy and
proud of this :)

Check out my photography's FACEBOOK page if you're interested to know
more about my work :)

I'm wearing: Shorts - Zara, Bag - Rebecca Minkof, Shirt & cardigan - COS,
Scarf - Warehouse, Beanie - Zara, Boots - Mjus, Earrings & ring - HOH1960

Friday, January 18, 2013

Outfit post - Acne

Can you believe that it's already past mid of January?
I totally can't! Time flies by way too fast and sometimes I feel like
putting a pause for couple of days, just to "catch" up with the time
that flew by and I didn't managed to do billion things which I wanted to.
Do you have the same feeling sometimes?
Anyhow, I have a tons of cakes to bake and prepare everything for my
daughter's b-day party tomorrow.
I'm hands on mom and try to do everything myself, if I can and baking
cakes is something I'm pretty good at, so... Expect some delicious post
next time :)
For now, here's a "delicious" macaroon color like Acne sweater which
I bought last Winter and it's still like new. I love me some kick of brightness
during Winter time.
We also got sun today and -15°C, but I'm pretending that it's not so cold
outside and am dreaming of Summer time :)

P.S. Check my previous post to see new arrivals at my online shop.

I'm wearing: Boots - Sancho boots, Jeans - Diesel, Sweater - Acne,
Parka jacket - Tommy Hilfiger, Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs,
Earrings - Deni design, rings - Accessorize

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