Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Instagram photo diary

One of my favorite apps is Instagram and I use
it all the time, every day.
Here's a little photo diary of the past week in my life :)
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                               such a gorgeous car was parked in the city center!  

Kippo frozen yoghurt ( super delicious )

quite much like myself :D 

my little daughter and my sister

finally we had some proper beach weather!

Yo! frozen yoghurt ( I have froyo mania :)

Visiting domestic ZOO

Monday, July 30, 2012

Visit Helsinki, Finland - Seurasaari

This is a new section on my blog! I've been living in
Helsinki for over 4 years now and I surely can call it
my home. This city gave me everything that not one
did before. I love my city, so I would like to let you
know more about the place where I live and which
places one should visit when staying here.

Let's start with SEURASAARI open air museum. Last weekend
me and my little family went to Seurasaari for the first time.
It's an open air museum located on the green island just
a few kilometers away from the Helsinki city center.
It's easy reachable by car, bus, tram, bike or foot.

Seurasaari represents traditional Finnish way of life displayed
in cottages, farmsteads and manors of the past 4 centuries
that have been relocated from all over Finland.

I would suggest you to spare at least 2 hours to make a
complete tour of this open air museum. There're so many
things to see, the air is so fresh, trees are so green and
the local animals such as swans, squirrels, ducks and ravens
are amazing to look at :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Outfit post - Boys of summer

Finally we got some nice and sunny days in Helsinki.
I was at the beach yesterday and it felt so good to just
lay there and feel the sun warmth that I was about to
fall asleep for 5 times :D
Today seems to be another nice day, so I'll go to the beach
again which makes me very happy.

These are yesterday's outfit photos. This maxi skirt is my only
and most favorite maxi skirt in my closet.
It's super light, very comfy and fits my boho summertime mood :)

I'm off to the ZOO now with the little one, so have a nice weekend
everyone and enjoy the sun and beach if you can!

I'm wearing: Skirt - Winter Kate, Top - BOSS Orange, Vest - Zara,
Bag - Bianco, Sandals - Belmondo, Ring - House of Harlow 1960,
Bangle & earrings - Accessorize, Sunnies - Burberry

Friday, July 27, 2012

My hair regimen/ products

In THIS POST I have shown you the products which
I use on/ for my face and in this post I would like to show
you the products which I use for my hair.
Some of the products I've been using for a while now and
some of them I have just started to use, but I'm very pleased
with them, so they do deserve to be in this post :)

Here we go:


                      -PUREOLOGY Essential repair shampoo and conditioner
                       (revitalising and repairing distressed hair, doesn't strip
                        the color)
                      -PUREOLOGY Hydrate shampoo
                       (consists rose, sandalwood and green tea, gently cleanses
                        and hydrates the hair)
                      Thanks to my friend I have discovered Pureology and so far
                       I'm very pleased with those shampoos and conditioner.
                       Before I bought those products, I've been using Macadamia and
                       Keune products for years.
                       Pureology products are sulfate free, have 100% vegan ingredients
                       and that's very important for me when buying
                       a new shampoo/ conditioner

-JOHN MASTERS organics Deep scalp treatment
(combination of organic herbs and essential oils work to stimulate
circulations, balance sebum production and eliminate free radicals) 
I've always had very sensitive scalp, I think that it comes 
from my mom (genetically) and from everyday stress level 
which in my case is sometimes very high.
I still haven't used this product, but will do that for the 1st time 
tomorrow. I have read lots of positive reviews on this 
product, so let's hope it works for me :)

-MACADAMIA deep repair masque 
(revitalising for dry and damaged hair, instant absorption, 
non greasy feel)
I've been using this masque for a while now, once a week 
and I love it!! It's an amazing product that leaves my hair 
shiny and frizz free and smooth. 
It's a real life saver!

-MACADAMIA nourishing leave in cream
(adding silky softness and shine to your hair) 
I usually use this leave in cream before or after blow drying it. 
It smells heavenly and it also does the job right, leaving my 
hair looking healthy. It doesn't grease my hair at all, so that's 
another great plus
-AUSSIE heat protection spray
I really like this heat protection spray. I always use it when ironing 
my hair and so far I haven't regretted using this product. 
It's protecting my hair like no other product I've used so far
-KEUNE Moroccan argan oil 
(non oily argan oil formula leaves the hair soft and shiny) 
I like this product but I don't use it too often, just sometimes 
when I see that my hair needs a little "boost" so to say :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Outfit post - Everything you touch

Hello everyone!
It's still an ongoing rainy period in Helsinki, so my days
are spent in jeans, flats and light jackets.
Not much to do either, but I do come up with interesting
things to do with my 3 year old little one :)
We've been to an amusement park once again couple of
days ago and had tons of fun. This is the outfit I wore there
and I liked how comfy yet girly it was.

Seems like I won't be able to go to some warmer place this Summer,
so I'm now checking Maldives and Thailand as perfect destinations
for a nice beach time which will most likely happen during
the Winter which is btw very cruel in Scandinavia :P

Have a good beginning of the week, I have started mine by
ordering new Steve Madden biker boots :)

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Dress - Zara, Purse - Pieces,
Jeans jacket - Vintage Levi's, Bracelets and earrings - Accessorize,
Ring - Deni design

Monday, July 23, 2012

My week through Instagram photos

Here are couple of shots I took via Instagram throughout
past week.
I love "documenting" all those little moments in my life
which are always making great memories for some later times.
Instagram is definitely my favorite iPhone app and I use it on
daily basis :)

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                                        my favorite fresh juice place

my little fashionista daughter :)

outfit details

10:30 PM, view from my balcony <3

farmer's market

outfit details 2

some yummy self-made food

visiting open air museum, seurasaari

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Outfit post - Free Money

Patti Smith. Legend, icon, artist, almost a surreal character!
She's one of my favorite female singers of all times.
Free Money and Because the night are my favorite songs that
she sang. I wish to meet her someday, she's such an inspiration
to me.
Today's outfit is my little tribute to her. I found this t-shirt the
other day at H&M and I just needed to have it!
I don't know about you guys, but I love the fact that H&M have
been selling Joy Division, Patti Smith, Guns n'Roses, Mötley Crue, etc.
printed tees. Rock n'roll baby :)

Not much going on today, just an easy going day followed
by lunch at Nepalese restaurant and followed by total food
coma and sofa hugging time :D

Have a nice weekend everyone!

I'm wearing: Tee and hat - H&M Devided, Clutch and skirt - Zara,
All jewelry and sunnies - House of Harlow 1960, Sandals - Vagabond

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