Friday, August 30, 2013

Outfit post - Friday, I'm in love

It's been a week already since I've left New York and
it's been on my mind every day since then. It inspired me so much that
all I want to do every day, the whole day is to create, create, create :)

NYC Fashion Week is kicking off next week and I'm excited to
see all the new collections for the next Spring/ Summer.
How about you guys?

I'm still in my "Fall cleaning" mood and there's so much to clean
and get rid off, so that's what I'll do most of my weekend.
Tomorrow I'll treat myself and my girls (sis+daughter) with a
lunch downtown and small shopping for the props/ upcoming photo shoots
which will, hopefully be a bunch so that I can get all of this creativity out :)

Have a great weekend and enjoy it!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Chanel, Jeans - Diesel, Sweatshirt - Kenzo,
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff, Bangles - Accessorize, Lipstick - Mac

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Outfit post - Burn

Beautiful and sunny days are continuing here in Helsinki, which
made my transition from NYC to here much easier.

Yesterday I brought bunch of my old and barely used clothes to
the 2nd hand shop nearby where I live and hopefully it will sell
well, because I've been wanting to get rid of my old clothes for a
long time now.
Some people have spring cleaning "fever", I'm definitely more of a
fall cleaning freak :D

I've been checking some shops in the city for fall and winter clothes
and I have already spotted a perfect coat, gloves and scarf.
Have you already started to shop for warmer days?

I bought this beautiful white top at Free People store in NY and I couldn't
wait to wear it. Today was bit windy/ chilly so I had to get it out of my
closet :)

I'm now off for some outdoors time and then I have some house cleaning
to do and tomorrow will be all about relaxing and spending time with
my daughter, sister and friend.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

I'm wearing: Shoes - TOMS, Jeans - Diesel, Top - Free People, Sunnies - Celine,
Jacket - Zara, Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ring - Deni design, Necklace - HOH1960

Monday, August 26, 2013

Outfit post - NYC in my heart

Happy beautiful Monday everyone!
It's been very nice and sunny weather here in Helsinki so my
transition from hot NYC weather to finnish weather wasn't so bad.
I'm still fighting the jet lag, even though I have slept for 12 hours last night!?

I'm filled with so much happiness and inspiration thanks to those
8 amazing NY days, that I just can't wait to get back to normal daily
routines and start shooting new photos.
There're so many ideas in my head that they just need to get out.

On the other hand, I'm missing NY so much and can't wait to get back there.
I have plans to move there for 2-3 months to study photography, get my technical
skills sharpened and find out some tricks from the professionals.
Let's see when this will happen, but I have set my mind to do it next year.
I'm completely self thought photographer and I feel the need to get some education
which will make me even better in what I do.

I'm off now for a walk outdoors, since it's such a lovely day :)

I'm wearing: Blazer & clutch - Zara, Blouse - KappAhl, Jeans - Tiger of Sweden,
Ballerinas - Pour La Victorie, Bracelets - Accessorize, Earrings - HOH1960

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New York - Days 6,7 and 8

Days on Manhattan flew by in a second and I'm writing this post
from home in Helsinki.
The jet lag is awful and I miss New York terribly, but I have to make
some serious decisions, so I need some time away from everything and
inside my 4 walls to think about my future.
All I know for sure is that New York became my home in only 8 days
and I have never felt more happy or welcomed in any other place I've
been at/ lived at.

Day 6 kicked off with power breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien and continued
at Natural history museum. The museum was such a special experience.
The most beautiful museum I've ever been to which definitely takes your
breath away with everything that's on the display, from the taxidermy,
history of humankind, all the tribes and similar.

Since we were right next door to Central Park we have decided to take
a carriage ride through it. It was very nice and peaceful ride, but I still think
that 70 dollars for 20 min. ride was bit too much.

After that we went to Union Square to check what's the vibe over there and
to grab something to eat at Maoz vegetarian, very small restaurant which
serves the most delicious falafel and hummus ever!
For desert we went to Vive La Crepe cafe which was very nearby Maoz
and had the most delicious pancakes in the city.

With our bellies being so full, we decided to walk for 26 blocks and have
stopped couple of times on the way back to the hotel to do some small shopping.

Day 7 kicked off in the same way as every day and continued with the ride to
West Village. It was a rainy day so we've decided to make it nicer by going
back to Magnolia bakery on Bleecker St. where I had the most delicious banana
pudding in my life. Oh wow... I was so impressed! We've continued our trip
with some small shopping and soon after, it was the time to go grab lunch and this
time we went to Daniel's bagels, one of the top 5 places in the city to get a proper
NY style bagel. Do I have to say that the bagel I had was super delish? :)

Afternoon and evening were absolutely the best moments in my life.
I've got all dressed up and ready for my very 1st appearance in New York art scene.
I have exhibited 7 of my fine art photographs at Agora gallery and I simply can't
put it in the words how happy, overwhelmed, proud and inspired I felt.
I couldn't even dream to get such an amazing response on my works and that
definitely warmed my heart and filled my soul :)

Day 8 was last minute shopping/ sightseeing and travelling day.

New York, just wait for me, I'm back next year and so ready to ROCK! :)

                                                      Natural History Museum NYC

Taking a carriage ride through Central Park

Amazing Maoz Vegetarian meal for 8 dollars

Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker St.

NYC style bagel at Daniel's bagels

Exhibition's opening reception evening

Times Square at night

Inside the Public Library NYC

Two amazing salads at Le Pain Quotidien

Going back to Helsinki

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New York - Days 4&5

Time is flying by like crazy here in NYC and even though I'm
walking millions of blocks every day, I'm not tired at all and could
go on for the whole day. There's just so much to see on the streets.
So many shops, buildings, museums, statues, restaurants, cafes...
I would love to go inside each and every one of them. Even though
there's not time to do that now, I will definitely do it next year when I'm
coming back to possibly live here for a while.
Let's see what the future holds for me :)

Last two days were filled with sightseeing and eating great food, so let's
start with the morning. Every morning we've been eating at Le Pain Quotidien,
next to our hotel. Food there is 100% organic, homemade and super fresh.
Everything there tastes like heaven!
After the breakfast, on the day 4 we went to Madame Tussaud's museum close
to Times square. It was great and fun experience. Almost all of the wax statues
look so real that for instance Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Jimi Hendrix looked
as if they were going to start moving at any moment :)

After the museum we went for a stroll down the Times square. For lunch we went to
legendary pizza joint called Two Boots Pizza at Grand central and had mix of
three slices of different toppings. They were so delicious!!
Whole afternoon after the lunch was reserved for some more shopping in which
I found some cute pieces at Free People store and some more cosmetics at Sephora.

Day 5 began the same way as every morning here at Le Pain Quotidien :)
After the power breakfast we went to Central Park ZOO and have enjoyed
the "company" of sea lions, penguins, polar bear, frogs, snakes, parrots, etc.
It was just lovely! Then it was naturally a time to take a short walk through Central Park
and sit down for an ice cream.

We had lunch in Soho at Cipriani Downtown and I found that place to be absolutely
amazing. The food was so tasty and fresh there, totally authentic Italian restaurant.
Their lemon tart as desert was just wonderful!

Afterwards we did some shopping at Soho which has great mix of bohemian vibe
and high fashion stores. I liked this neighbourhood very much.

Here're some photos with which I've documented days 4&5.

Times Square

Bryant Park

At Free People

Le Pain Quotidien breakfast

At Central Park ZOO

Cipriani Downtown

Skimlinks Test