Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonderful day!!

I couldn't wish for better weather on the last day
of February. It's been super sunny day and I can't
remember when was the last time I have felt this
happy and energized!!
I've been walking outside for hours and trying to
get in as much of natural D vitamin as possible :)

Me and my little family went to this one park in the
city center which I like a lot and took a stroll there
as well. That's where these photos were taken at.

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I'm wearing: Boots - Mjus, Jeans - Acne, Sweater - Mango,
Blazer - Asos, Leather jacket - Levi's, Scarf - Zara,
Bag - Mango, Bracelets - Accessorize

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Street style photos - Milan Fashion Week

It's unbelievable how inspiring street style photos are,
esp. during the fashion weeks.
Looking at these photos from Milan, I've been melting
and having clothes "overdose", since I saw so many beautiful
pieces which I would love to have in my closet.

All the photos from Milan Fashion Week were taken from and Harper's Bazaar.

Dsquared2 + Gianfranco Ferre MFW


Fun and colorful combination inspired by
B.Bardot and Parisienne chic elegancy.
My favorite pieces were baseball hats, sunglasses,
leather gloves and leather purple pencil skirt.
Good collection but I wasn't amazed by it.


Very dark and quite minimalistic collection with
black and white as dominant colors.
I liked the asymmetrical white coat and beautiful
maxi black dress with the big chest opening.

Dolce&Gabbana Milan Fashion Week, Fall 2012


Well, if you take Kleopatra, Byzantine/ ancient
Roman Tzar times all put in a year 2012, then you pretty
much get close to what happened on the D&G runway!
Amazing collection with stunning pieces that not even
Kleopatra herself would get ashamed of.
Wonderfully picked fabrics, golden embroidery, black
and white lace, florals, embellishments, frills...
Stunning eyewear, glamorous jewelry... Everything was
thought of so carefully that this collection is a proof of
fashion at it's best! Definitely my favorite collection of all
which I have reviewed!

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