Saturday, June 30, 2012

Outfit post - Summertime sadness

Here's the look I'm thinking of wearing for the
opening night of group exhibition in August that
I've told you about in my last outfit post.
I think that it's very elegant and totally fits the occasion,
just that I'm planning to put a little bit more make up on :)
What do you think guys??

Today is kinda melancholic day for no special reason.
I'm going to spend most of it alone with my little daughter,
so I think that we'll make some cupcakes just to do something
productive ( and delicious :)).

Friend of mine has b-day tomorrow and later on, I'll go
to that music festival from my last post :)
Another friend is playing on the main stage tomorrow
and my sister is working on that festival too, so... Happy times!

Have a great weekend and ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Zara, Dress - Mango, Earrings - Marni for H&M,
Cuff - House of Harlow 1960, Clutch - Accessorize

Friday, June 29, 2012

Different kind of fashion

I've been to music festival Tuska today.
It's a metal festival in the heart of Helsinki city and
it lasts for three days. Since my husband is into metal
music, I've accompanied him and had lots of fun shooting
some "street style" photos, quite different fashion from
what I like or dress like myself, but I respect everybody's
style/ taste and it was interesting to see all these girls
( and guys ) dressed up this way. I want to share couple of
photos with you. Opinions? :)

Giveaway - House of Harlow 1960 ring

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outfit post - Eye of the storm

Today is such a great day!!
I have just signed a deal for a group exhibition this August (in Helsinki)
where I will exhibit couple of my new works and later on, next year, most
possibly in the Spring, I'll have my 2nd solo photo exhibition and this
makes me incredibly happy and proud :)
Stay tuned, there's much more coming I promise you!!
Since this exhibition in August will be a group one, each artist had to
pick a small piece of paper on which were written all the walls
in the gallery and the luckiest one gets the best spot, the gallery window.
I was the most lucky one thanks to my daughter, she picked the
paper instead of me :) All of my works (4-5) will be exhibited right there!
I'm super excited!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Zara, Purse - Louis Vuitton, Earrings - HOH1960,
Ring - Accessorize, Leather jacket - Zara, Top - French Connection,
Hair scarf - Asos, Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life in a week - iPhone diary

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I'm simply in love with Instagram :)

                                                    outfit details                                


awesome store!

my hood :)

my daughter's vision of her dad :)

bikers on the road

pastaaaa time!!

WTF is egg pillow??

love of my life <3

fresh blueberries and strawberries 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outfit post - Retro

Two days ago I've been to an amusement park
with my little family. We've been there for almost
three hours and had so much fun!
The weather was gorgeous and it made the whole
experience even better ;)
When I was little I was literally living to go to the
amusement park, so I always go back in time when
taking rides with my daughter on all those tea cups,
horses, mini cars, etc.

For the first time in many years I've had cotton candy
and it was delicious.

Yesterday was so much fun too, having dear friends
visiting us. We ate lots of delicious food and spent
6 hours talking, talking and laughing :D

I'm wearing: Sandals - Belmondo, Dress - Lowie, Bag - Accessorize,
Sweater - Mango, Earrings - Deni design, Sunnies - Marc Jacobs

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Featured on Nicole

Hello everyone, just a quick update!
I've been featured on Nicole as look
of the week for Winter Kate.
I'm very happy about it and glad that WK team liked
my combo with Winter Kate kimono.
I'm big fan of Winter Kate clothes and I can tell you,
it never disappoints me and every season is better
than the previous one :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Outfit post - Girl gone wild

Happy Summer!! My favorite time of the year :)
I can't wait for my hubby's holidays so that we can
all go for a nice Summer vacation and spend 0-24
at the beach, recharging our batteries.

We've been having pretty nice weather in Helsinki too,
so I can't complain. Starting today until Sunday it's the
biggest party time in whole Finland.
It's called Midsummer Eve and Midsummer day what
they're celebrating here.
It's a tradition to celebrate light, Summer, usually people
go to their Summer cabins, go to sauna, swim in lakes,
drink beer, grill sausages, hang out with their families and

We're starting our own little celebration today by going
to the amusement park and later on to the beach.
We have dear friends coming to visit over tomorrow, so
it will be lots of fun for me next two days :)

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Skirt - Warehouse,
Top&bag - Mango, Bracelets - Pieces, Necklace - Deni design

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outfit post - Winter Kate

One of my favorite clothing designer names is definitely
Winter Kate. All the clothes are wonderful, very comfortable,
yet super chic, boho and stylish :)
For instance, by buying just one kimono/ bed jacket from Winter
Kate, you get a perfect piece which you can combine in
at least three different outfits and they can work well either daytime
or on a night out.

Every season Winter Kate just keeps on getting better and
I can't wait for the new season A/W '12 since they're finally
bringing in sweaters and leather pants too! :)

Check their website HERE

I'm wearing: Kimono - Winter Kate, Top - Esprit,
Shorts - Mango, Flats - Tamaris, Purse & bracelets - Accessorize,
Ring - HOH1960, Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs

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