Thursday, July 3, 2014

London photo diary - Day 1

Good morning everybody!
It's a beautiful Thursday morning here in London and
I'm so grateful for that. After 3 weeks of awful weather in
Helsinki, I'm finally enjoying the summer like weather in London :)

Yesterday was the first day of my summer holiday and even though
the day has been super long and my feet are now "killing" me, I'm so
happy to be on a vacation which will last almost until the end of this
month. I'm in a serious need of sunshine, sea, salt on my skin and summer
breeze in my hair... Winter has been too long and though, so - summer holidays
bring it on!!

Here's a small photo diary for you my dear readers to enjoy the beauty of
London's streets and places which I've been visiting yesterday.

Enjoy this day wherever you are!

                                 An airplanes ready to board are always a happy
                                                         sight for me :)

Strolling through streets of Soho

And having a quick breakfast in one of the cafes 

Walking down the Regent Street always makes me 
feel great ( don't know why :D )

One of my favourite London spots is Piccadilly Circus/ square

Having lunch at an amazing restaurant - Berners Tavern 
Superb food and service, not to mention the 
breathtaking interior as well!!

Visiting Ripley's Believe it or not!

This Poe portrait was "painted" by smoke!? 

The tallest man ever to live on Earth was almost 
3 meters tall!!!


  1. i wasn't there before but everything looks so nice.
    love it so much!
    happy thursday.
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. London is so beautiful.I like you photos,amazing..

  3. These pics make me to wish and visit London again!!
    Happy day dear!

  4. Lovely holiday! But really, are you serious?? 3 meters tall?!!!! wow
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  5. Lovely photos, make me want to go back to London.

  6. Uživaaaaj u odmoru i super vremenu :)))

  7. A kak si mi lijepa na fotkicama! Tak si: muci-mu, da te za obraščiće primim! :) Slika s malenom princezom je <3 Mamino dijete- super joj je torbica!
    Uživaj na odmoru!

    1. A joj, bas ti hvala na ovako lijepim komplimentima! Stvarno si mi sad jos vise ulijepsala ionako lijep odmor :)

  8. nice photos!

  9. Nice trip photos! Such an inspiration!
    Kisses from Miami,

  10. Wow, looks like a nice trip! :) Hope you're having fun, by the way, loving your outfit with that mix of shades and the squares scarf!


  11. Awh it looks like you had a lovely time! Love your lippy too btw!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

  12. Natali, your travel diaries (and Instagram, for that matter) always make me so happy! I'm glad you're having a wonderful time in London. And wow, almost a month of summer vacation? I'm soo jealous right now :) Enjoy it to the fullest, and I already can't wait to see more pictures!
    Big hugs!

    xx Ivana

    1. Thank you so much dear! I'm def. gonna share tons of photos on Instagram and here as well :) Yep, quite long holidays for me but I've been needing them more than ever before!

  13. Wow, what beautiful pictures! Looks like a dream!


  14. divne fotografije...

    onaj doručak mi izgleda jako ukusno...

    ...malena ti je preslatka! a ti si mi baš nešto posebno šik na ovim slikama:)

    ...onaj portret nacrtat dimom me baš zaintrigirao i nekako pristaje Edgaru, on je u svemu bio poseban pa treba i posebna tehnika da ga se nacrta:)

    uživaj u odmoru:)

  15. I know you've been blogging for a looong time and have always been commenting a lot. You put so much effort in your blog, but I think it would totally help, if you could get someone to pimp the design of your blog. You know, bigger photos, elegant look, you totally deserve it. I feel like your work and effort disappears on those small little photos. You have a great blog, you should total keep going, and find a way to give it a facelift.

  16. love this post, I go now to wash your istagram jjj

  17. i went to London last year and i miss it so much!

  18. I love London!!! I've never been, but I've seen and hear a lot thanks to blogs/vlogs. Thank you!!

    Great blog. I'm a blogger too. Check it out if you have a chance =)

    amadea |

  19. I'm so jealous! London is the one place in the world I would choose to go visit over anywhere else!

  20. these photos are so beautiful, envious of your life

    mon |

  21. Enjoy London sweetie! Lovely pictures :) Xx

  22. Great photos:)

  23. So jelaous of your vacation! Enjoy the rest of it :)

  24. Very sophisticated and interesting blog with good content. Love it. You gain a new readers.

  25. Oh I would love to go to London! Cute pants!

  26. The best city ever !



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