Friday, April 29, 2011

Floral print dresses

My favorite time of the year is Summer! I get to wear my favorite clothing pieces
and they're dresses. If they're floral print dresses, then I feel like a princess wearing them. 
Floral print is so romantic and also has vintage feeling in it. 
As with all of the other posts, I would like to post my favorite finds. 

Here we go:


  1. Nowadays girls don't wear dresses a lot at least in Greece.Especially in the South what can be better.Here in summer I see abundant jeans or shorts.
    A question has been born in my head. What flowers big or small would you recommend for a slim girl and for a well nourished girl so to speak having some excessive kilos.For example, when one wallpapers the walls using floral patterns I heard if there are big flowers on, a room looks smaller. Maybe the same is true for the choice of fabrics. I'm serious. If a volumptuous, smooth body wants flowers what do you recommend to avoid making the things worse. Personally I imagine this body type in small flowers. Thank you.

  2. I would totally agree with you, but of course sometimes there might be some exceptions and even some shorter girls might look good with big floral print on her dress.

    I'm lucky to be tall because I can pull off any floral print.

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