Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's look

Since I've been writing about stripes in yesterday's blog, I decided to wear my
favorite stripy dress as my today's look.
I'm wearing: Leather jacket - Levi's, Dress - Charlie design ( Croatian designer ),
Stockings - Falke, Red ballerina flats - Nilson, Bag - Lancel, Ring - Accessoriez


  1. seriously, that dress is awesome! Goes well with your figure, too.
    U forgot to mention the brand of the belt :P

  2. Thank you so much! Lol, yea, belt is some random belt, don't remember where and when I bought it :P

  3. Natalia! You Are So Beautiful!
    The name for the picture “All the money is your back”. Natalia, confess you sin. Why did you hide the best parts behind the “curtains”. It’s a crime! Men are my witnesses.
    PS Маму с большой ложкой пока вызывать не будем. Реабилитация. Моя ты красавица, а то попрятала всё, как будто кто-то хочет тебя в гарем забирать против твоёй воли.

  4. Thank you! But I'm not sure I really understood what you wanted to say with the end of your post in russian.
    I can read and understand it, but I still didn't get the point.

  5. I love your outfit, very nice indeed.

    @tamara я тоже немного не поняла ваш комментарий...по-моему Натали выглядит замечательно. Никакую маму с ложкой звать не надо :)

  6. My darlings, Natalia looks amazing. We all admire her. Who doubts this? Nobody. But in the photo which was taken outside, when she was wearing a leather jacket, she looked too slim. I’m forty years old and I see Natasha as a child. When I see a young woman not shorter than 1,73 weighing less than 56kg, I say one thing “eat for God’s sake”. Plus we have to take into consideration a body type. If we take away kilos from Naomi Campbell, the result won’t please the eye.
    My dolls, the most important thing is health, looks and etc. is a big, fat zero. Take care of yourself, my precious. Fashion designers can always make clothes two sizes bigger.

  7. Yes, you are right! I completely agree with you and that's something that I don't support either. But if you compare my photos from now, present with any of the photos from the past, I look the same.
    I do have 3-4 kilos less than I usually do, but that's "thanks" to abnormal amount of stress almost every day in past 2 and half years.
    One thing that I love is cooking and eating good food. So no worries about me :)

  8. Natasha, the same problem when I'm stressed, I don't have an appetite. Even an intangible stress eg a flight Athens Mariupol takes away one kilo automatically.
    I think you do too much work. Accept for everyday stuff I mean a baby, a house and bla bla you post a new material EVERY day. The presentation of a TODAY's LOOK is every day.You know, of course, but you might post eg once in three days.
    When HIMI posted your pictures after giving a birth to your princess, I liked your look a lot. You have an amazing figure.It basically was the first time I saw you.I remember you were wearing black.

  9. Thank you for the compliment! Post baby figure didn't lasted long unfortunately, but maybe someday I'll get those couple kilos back and look more healthy :)
    I really don't do much work... At least not as much as I would like to, but my kid is the most important to me, so that's why I'm not working real job 8hr a day.

    These blogs don't take that much time and it's something that I love to do. It relaxes me and makes me happy!


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