Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Two and half years ago, I went on holiday to Vienna,Austria and
for the third time fell in love with the city. It's so beautiful, mystic,
historical... Amazing!
Also, Vienna is great city to do some "serious" shopping!
On my shopping tour, one store caught my eye and it was children's
clothing store named Jacadi.
Later on I found out that JACADI is french brand and they have stores
all over the world.

I fell in love instantly with their wide and super stylish selection
of clothes for girls and boys.

If you have kids, do yourself a favor and visit their store if they have
it in your country and you won't regret it! Clothes quality is great!

Here are some items from their latest collection for girls 2-12 years old.


  1. OMG, look at that cute purse, ain't it fun and sweet dressing up little girls? They look like lovely princesses with these kind of clothes.
    My niece loves to wear her mini bags. :-p

  2. My daughter loves to wear any bags she can find :D
    It's great to have a girl, because there are much more options
    than for boys, but in Jacadi there's enough for both ;)


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