Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simone Fall 2011 by Katie Nehra

One of newly discovered brands and right now on my
top 5 designers/ brands to watch, which would also mean that
I'm completely crazy after Simone collection!!
At first I fell in love with leather biker jackets and then I discovered
Simone dresses... Oh those dresses!!!?? Beautiful!
Very innocent, but at the same time very sexy and "head turning" pieces.
The same feeling is in Simone collection for this Fall.
I can't decide which piece I love more... But I will get some, because it's a
must have in your closet :)
Since Spring and Summer are/ will be filled with crazy prints, color clashing,
floral prints, LOTS of colors in any way, it's very refreshing to see that main
two colors in Simone Fall 2011 are black and white.

On another note, Katie Nehra is an actress based in New York and LA, but
luckily she's not giving up on her passion for design and is bringing us every season
better and better collections.

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