Monday, May 2, 2011

Today's look

Even tho, I have hoped for some sun rays today, they
didn't appear on the sky, so it's another gloomy day in Helsinki.
I'm wearing: Tunic - Winter Kate, Stockings - Falke, Under top - Asos,
Ring and neckless - House of Harlow 1960


  1. It’s just occurred to me that Natalia would make an excellent boho model. Tall, slim and THE EYES. They are open, expressive, innocent, examining and drinking the world. These eyes can’t lie. Your believe them instantly. I don’t flatter and I don’t make up stories. I describe what I see. Boho style exists for her,doesn't it?

  2. thank you so much for your compliment!
    it's beyond flattering to read this.
    if not by style, then by heart i'm boho girl every day :)


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