Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's look

Finally it's sunny and much more warmer day today!
I went to one of my favorite parks in Helsinki and enjoyed the nature.
That's where these photos were taken.

I'm wearing: Blouse - Oasis, Purse - Oasis, Skirt - Zara,
Stockings - Falke, Earrings - Deni design, Flats - Nilson,
Leather jacket - Levi's, Sunglasses - House of Harlow


  1. oooh, totally love the outfit! 2nd pic is the best.

    I'm as thin as u are, and it's annoying when people think I don't eat enough n try to feed me....while I eat quite a LOT...I'm just lucky! :/

  2. thank you!!

    well... i kinda got tired to have to all the time explain myself
    to people. nobody is asking fat person why are you fat and tell
    them that they'll die if they don't stop overeating.
    i'm not overeating and i'm not starving either. i eat enough and i
    eat whatever i want. the things is in eating with understanding and
    not out of control. too much or too little food isn't good.
    people don't get that.

    everyday stress, lack of sleep and lots of errands can take a toll
    on one's figure, so it doesn't always have to be that they're not eating.
    or then they're simply naturally thin and that's it.

  3. yes, u took the words out of my mouth! I don't explain it anymore either, but sometimes people start asking me to actually EAT more to GAIN weight...while I'm fine just the way I am!

    That is exactly the point - balance is needed in each area of our lives. Eating, included.

    I guess, we are both just blessed :D

  4. I don't know if I'm blessed or not, but I do know that I've been ballerina for 8 years and after that I've been doing sports all the time, such as roller-skating, A LOT of swimming and running/ jogging in the forest, fast walking, etc.
    I have never been overeating or let my body rot on the couch.
    That's something that not everybody remembers when they see skinny person.
    Person can be skinny for many many more reasons than just eating disorder. It could be drugs too, so will people soon start asking me am I doing drugs too??
    This story could go on forever...

  5. haha, yes...I completely understand. I have been blessed, as I've never done too much sports. I was into ballet, then karate and swimming. Now I'm just keeping fit in the gym. But both of my parents have slim figures, so...(;

    Just today, I got a comment under my picture where I'm eating, saying: 'Finally, you are eating!' Oh my....o_o

  6. The best is to just ignore any of such comments.
    People are just jealous that you look fit and they don't.

  7. Natali, you look great in this outfit! Love the combination of red blouse and blue skirt:)
    Yes, obese chicks look mostly awful! (no offense, it's no news!)I think it's better to be skinny than fat. Fat chicks whatever they say (that they are comfortable to be the way they are/accept themselves as they are bla bla bla)are super jealous of the girls that are slim/in good physical shape...Oh I am myself annoyed at those envious looks in my direction all the time. Those who have extra weight issues should definitely shut up and instead of being mad and jealous of slim girls, go to the gym and work, work, work!
    @his-poison-girl I love your nick;)

  8. I couldn't agree more with everything that you wrote Airy!

  9. And thank you for the compliment :)

  10. thnx Airy (:

    And thanks are right about ignoring. That's he way, really :D

  11. it's not a compliment, I really meant it :)


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