Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's look

I'm being busy thinking of and planning my first photo exhibition which will
take place at Galleria 4-kuus in Helsinki from 5th of November until 2nd of December.
You are all most welcome to visit the gallery and check out my artwork.
This is what I wore while running my errands today:

Sandals - Rizzo, Maxi skirt - Winter Kate, Top - Boss Orange,
Jeans jacket - Levi's vintage, Bag - Bianco, Neckless - gift from my mom,
Bangles - both were given as gift, one by my mom, one by my aunt


  1. Good luck with your exhibition later this year. If I could be in Helsinki then I would have come along :( I hope it goes fabulously! Will it be online as well, or is it just in the building to see?

    I like your outfit, I have a similar maxi skirt but with kind of a lace stuff around the bottom. It has to be +24C here on Sunday and we're going out, so I'll probably be wearing it with some choo sandals. I haven't decided on the top part yet, I'll have to go shopping this Saturday :)

  2. Lucky you, we have holidays over here, 2 non working days, so no shopping until Monday for me :O

    Yes, I will put the photos from the exhibition online as well :)

  3. Oh lucky you! We don't get any more public holidays until the last day of August, and then after that we have to go until Christmas :p It's nice when all the shops are shut, and you can have family time. There's not such a pressure to do things on long weekends. I hope you enjoy your midsummer!

    Great! I can't wait to see them. I love your photography, and I would love to more :)

  4. Yea, finnish people are funny in that sense that they seem to invent holidays just to have reason to booze themselves and eat junk food and act like teenagers :D
    I think that they have the most holidays during the Summer time.
    But it is great to just have family time and do something else, than just working or running errands.

  5. Funny you should say that, I was talking to my friend from Mikkeli on the phone the other day, and she said the exact same thing about the holidays. I said "what do you do on your holidays?" and she said, "take a sauna, get with family and have some drinks and good food" :p

    We don't really have many holidays here in England compared to other countries. We have 1 day New year, 1 day Easter, 1 day on May day, 1 day on the last day of may for summer bank holiday, 1 day in August for late summer holiday, and then 1 day for Christmas. All the shops are open almost every holiday in the cities except on Christmas Day. the kids have longer off school but once you get to an adult the fun's over :D


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