Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's look

I've been to Helsinki ZOO today and it was most possibly 2 and half
best spent hours this past week.
The weather just got nice and sunny when I arrived there with my little
family and it kept on getting better throughout our ZOO tour :)

I feel great now and I want to share some photos I took while visiting there.
It's truly magnificent place and I found many great spots for some of my future
photo shoots.

I'm wearing: Flats - Unisa, Stockings - Falke, Shorts - Mango, Top - French Connection,
Leather jacket - Levi's, Bag - Lancel, Neckless - House of Harlow 1960,
Ring - Accessorize


  1. Lovely photos. You can always count on the Zoo for endless amounts of inspiration for a great photo opportunity. I really love the shot of the building, the picture before the last. I'm glad the weather turned out great for you :)

  2. Thank you! It's really great place to spend your whole day there.
    You can even have picnic by the sea, take a ride with sightseeing boat,
    of course check the animals, take blog photos, take art photos, etc... :)

  3. It sounds like a really great place for you and your family to chill out. I hope you get more opportunities to to get some great photos there while the weather is good. Of course, I love snowy pictures too, but the animals are always more active in the summer, so you get lots of photos of them doing all sorts of interesting things. Picnic by the sea sounds lovely, and so does the boat ride!

  4. Oh yes! Can't wait to repeat all of it someday again this Summer.
    Luckily I have my camera to capture all of those moments :)
    I also hope for some nicer weather to come because this Summer sucks so far :P

  5. Hee hee :) I know what you mean. We've had more cloud and rain than we did in winter. It was scorching hot today, but here comes the rain again tomorrow :-p


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