Sunday, September 4, 2011

68th Venice film festival red carpet

I love red carpets because I get to see all those amazing gowns and
how stars pulled them off.
As on every red carpet, Venice film festival's red carpet was full of
beautiful gowns, but also full of wrong choices.

Let's check what ladies wore in Venice:


I think that Evan looked very sophisticated and has "wow-ed" everybody with
her Alessandra Rich dress. It's very simple, looks as if it is from cruise collection,
so it gives it relaxed look, but some lace, glamour make up, sleek hairdo and massive
earrings gave it the right red carpet look.


This beautiful Gucci gown was a successful choice for Natasha.
It fits her so well and it definitely brought some color on the red carpet.
Only small thing that I didn't like was that big bow on the back of her
neck that was a little bit ruining the gown, but all in all I loved her outfit.


OK, so somebody should tell Madonna that she's not 20 anymore and that she
should finally cope with her age. I totally didn't get the purpose of her putting
Miu Miu sunglasses on while walking the red carpet?? They just make her look
silly. Vionnet gown was ok, but definitely looks worser than it is on Madonna.


There's not much to say about Keira's gown, except that this
Valentino's dress is amazing and made Keira look like a modern day princess.
It's so simple, but very effective and is my favorite look/ gown from the red carpet.


Horrible dress made beautiful Marisa look cheap. I totally didn't get Marios
Schwab dress and the color was definitely not the right choice for Marisa.
Luckily enough she scored my points on the 2nd day when she rocked
Erdem cocktail dress.


Is there any dress by Elie Saab that doesn't look great? Well, Diane didn't
prove me wrong, because the dress was perfect choice for this red carpet
and she managed to pull off very natural and fresh look.


Kate had same bad luck as Marisa Tomei. First day she appeared in Victoria
Beckham dress and it wasn't smart choice, because it didn't fit her body shape
and the color of the dress didn't fit her hair color and it wasn't a show stopper at all,
unlike her dress on the third day of the festival, when she appeared in Stella McCartney
and made everybody stare at her.
Dress had perfect illusion and it made her curves even more spectacular.
That was a SCORE!


Person that barely ever goes out on the red carpet with bad dress on is Gwyneth.
She didn't make a mistake when she chose Prada gown for this festival.
I hope that she pays her stylist good salary, because he/ she deserves it :)

( all the photos were taken from The Telegraph )


  1. I would really like to see a red carpet with you and comment on the looks, it would be quite fun!

    About the EVAN RACHEL WOOD look, we can not really say nothing is elegant and suitable to the lagoon!

    The Gucci dress worn by NATASHA POLY is beautiful but I find that the hot pink and red are two colors that should never be matched!

    I really like MADONNA's dress, the sunglasses, I agree with you!I always thought that the retro look has always been good for her!

    KEIRA KNIGHTLEY reminds me very much of a noblewoman portrayed by a Renaissance painter, is ethereal!

    I'm totally agree with you about MARISA TOMEI look!The first dress could be interesting but in another color!

    We are agree! Wearing an Elie Saab's dress with a red carpet and you will always be perfect!

    I always find interesting choices of KATE WINSLET, she is a woman who is not afraid to be a woman!
    Bur here I share your thoughts perfectly!
    The first dress it's not adapt for her but the Stella McCartney dress... ohh... *__* She was perfect! Sexy and elegant!

    Recently, GWEYNETH PALTROW, has made many mistakes about her red carpet look. And this confirms the facts, even if not worse than other times!

  2. Kate Winslet looks amazing! Every year better and better!

  3. Love red carpet's looks too!
    Tomorrow i'm going on venice to participate in a photographic workshop on the 68th Venice film festival!!
    I will post the photos on my fashion blog once came back to Rome!
    If you want to take a look at my blog, here the link, and if you want you can take part in the H&M giveaway!

  4. @ caroline thank you for stopping by!

    @ f-frames - lucky you! i'll keep my eye on your blog :)

    @ koltunovskaya - i totally agree with you!

    @ morgana - thank you for this long and nice comment! i'm really glad to see that we have some similar opinions and i think that you have gift for writing, maybe you should write fashion blog :)))

  5. Gorgeous Evans ;-)

  6. I think Madonna looked the best - she is so amazing and her style is awesome! thank you for this post :)

    BTW, I’m so happy that I found your blog – your style is really original and I read your blog with pleasure and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader


  7. thank you for your compliment! i'm following you back :)

  8. Diane Kruger the best!

  9. @ the annachrist - thank you!!!

  10. i love diane kruger, lovely blog :)

  11. Diane Kruger and Evan Rachel Wood are my favourites. They both looked gorgeous =)

  12. @ julia mode - thank you

    @ miss woody - thank you :)

  13. Amazing selection!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  14. @ marella - thank you! of course :)


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