Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ashish + Clements Ribeiro LFW S/S 2012


I think that mr. Ashish did great job on his collection for
Spring/ Summer 2012!! I loved that punk princess meets country girl look.
Floral prints were fun and romantic, but the biggest highlight were definitely
brick effect leather skirt, top and blazer! How cool is that??


Lots of florals and lace didn't manage to amaze me. It's not bad collection,
but it's nothing spectacular either. There wasn't a single piece that stands out
or brings something new. I didn't like the black/ white combinations.

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  1. Ashish offered an extreme contrast to all the clean-cut elegance in classic colours. Think Vincent Van Gogh meets Henri Matisse in a sequined acid haze and you’ll begin to get the picture. Head-to-toe florals were the order of the day from floor-length maxi dresses to baggy shorts and vest combos. Happy to do his own thing the Ashish show provided a vibrant display of in-your-face colour while pastels seem to be taking centre stage elsewhere.


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