Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's look

I had very rough evening yesterday. It was supposed to be a nice
girl evening out, well not even out, but in at our friend's apartment
and when I was leaving home which was around 10:30 pm!!! a psycho
woman that appeared out of nowhere didn't wanted to leave me in peace.
If it wouldn't be for my girls that came downstairs after I called them and some
nice guy who called the police, who knows how for long that psycho would still
keep on mentally molest me!?
I have decided to carry some small spray bottle in my purse from now on, because
that's the best way to get rid of such idiots, to spray them right in the eyes.

I haven't slept much past night so I'm very tired and also I caught flu, so...
But I did take some photos of my today's outfit and I hope that they look decent enough :)

This is what I wore :

Flats - Unisa, Jeans - Diesel, Top - A/ Wear, Sweater - Rag&Bone, Bag - Lancel,
Ring - Accessorize, Bangle - Mango

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