Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October's inspiration board

One of my favorite months of the year is definitely this one, October!
This is also my birthday month, so it's one of the main reason why
I like it so much :)
I'm glad to take a small break from all this fashion weeks overdose
that's been happening on my blog for almost a month now and go
through what is inspiring me/ making me happy this month!


October is well known as breast cancer awareness month! It's very
important to make sure you do screening test once a year, every year
to prevent or catch breast cancer at it's beginning.
My both grandmas died of breast cancer and my mom had breast cancer,
so it obviously runs in my family, which makes me even more serious
about this subject.
Please take care of yourself ladies!


One of my dearest friends and her husband are having house warming
party this month and I can not wait to see their new flat and how it's
decorated. It always makes me happy to visit my friend's flats or even
friends of friends' flats because I always get inspired and find some
interesting things which later on I use in my own way at my home
or then I don't :D
House is very private and sacred place to me, so it's always nice to get
an invite to visit somebody at their private and sacred place.


I've been craving for some nice pampering for SO LONG!
Some nice aromatic and relaxing massage would be awesome.
When having your hands full with almost 3 year old hyperactive
girl, husband, house and photography, it takes it's toll and I should
remind myself more often to take a moment to rewind and just
sit down and do nothing or go to spa and let professionals treat me
like a princess :))


I'm going to turn 24 this month! It's crazy how time flies! How is it
even possible that I'm about to turn 24???
I remember when I was 14, which was TEN years ago, when somebody
would ask me how old I am, I would right away add 2-3 years more, just
because I thought that it was cool to be "older" and that people would take
me more seriously if I tell a white lie.
Well now I feel like soon I'll have to take away 2-3 years when they ask me
that same question :P
My little brother is also celebrating this month, he'll turn 13 only 2 days after
my birthday!


I have about 4 interviews waiting for me this month! I'm very excited about it.
I'll be interviewed for one daily newspaper and 3 different magazines about my
photography exhibition in November.
I'm happy to promote my work because this exhibition is so important to me and
I want to do everything perfectly and promotion is very important in order to bring
attention to your projects.


This is also a shopping month for me! I need to find a perfect dress for
my exhibition opening at gallery downtown and dress code is: classy&elegant.
I have no idea what I should wear!? I only know that it will be dress, but which
color, which brand, which length... I don't know :(
Maybe black dress by Herve Leger??


I believe that everybody heard of Laduree patisserie that originally
comes from Paris, France?!
Their most famous product are macaroons in many different colors
and seems like they're big hit right now. Everybody is talking and eating
Laduree's macaroons, little sweet heaven as some people call them.
You can even buy them in specially designed boxes by Matthew Williamson
or Loubutin.
I want some right now!


My sister is coming to visit from Croatia end of this month.
I haven't had a decent time spent with her since half year ago and
I miss our "sisters time" because we're very close and have so many funny stories
we've been through together so it's always so much fun to spend time with her.
Another good reason to make this month even better :)
P.S. You can expect to see her on my blog!!


This week, starting from tomorrow until Saturday will be fashion week of
Voice TV in collaboration with some finnish fashion magazines, bands/ artists
and of course designers.
I haven't been there last year, but I will definitely try to make it this time since
I got invitations for each day of the fashion week.


  1. Great inspirations, Natali!

    I love October, too. But mainly because the leaves are falling and it starts to look like autumn :D

    I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy time with your family & friends!

  2. I love your Ispiration for this month!
    Always regret not being able to talk more with you about fashion, art and design!!!


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