Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration board for January

There will be some good changes on my blog, starting already
this month, since I'll bring in new section named
"L'art of fashion in your closet", but I won't write about it now,
now I'll let you know that I'm going to continue writing my
inspirations, wishes and similar for each month of the year.

Here we go :)


I've been together with my man for 4 years and I've known him
for 5 years, which might sound long, but to me, it feels so fresh,
like as if it would have been only maximum 2 years all together.
We have our anniversary this month and I'm proud to have him
by my side, helping me, supporting me and loving me unconditionally.
He's also the photographer behind my outfit photos, which scored
him even more points ( if it's even possible ) with me :)
In the end, he's also a father to our daughter and well... I could go
on forever, but you get that he's everything to me.


So the festivities don't stop with New Year's Eve in our house.
It continues all the way until the middle of February :)
Many things to celebrate and be thankful for. My little daughter
will turn 3 this month and I can't believe that she's grown so much
and so fast. She's a true little lady and is very much interested in
clothes and shoes :D
She's the biggest bless in my life and the biggest gift I've ever received.


Finally I get to dine at the best restaurant in Helsinki which
is also in top 50 best restaurants in the WORLD!!
It's Chez Dominique and can't wait to enjoy the secret/ surprise
6 course menu, I believe that it will be quite something, since
the restaurant has 2 Michelin stars!



Blogging has been a great decision which I've made almost
a year ago. It's been my creative and personal space to show
and share my passion for fashion, interior design, photography,
food, etc. and the response has been wonderful!
It's amazing to know that people from different parts of the
world are reading your blog and they actually think that your writing
is interesting and or/ that you have a great style!? This makes
me happy :) Thank you everyone for supporting me, it means
a lot.


I have so many wishes and a lot of them right now are
about me getting a dream job as photographer and some
great photo assignments. I'm in the ongoing process of applying
for photographer positions in various magazines, so let's see how
that goes for me. I know that job is waiting for me, just don't know
where exactly, so I'm waiting for them to call me :D

One of the big wishes is to travel much more than I did past year.
I can say that I was only twice outside Finland past year and that
sucks for somebody who loves to travel as much as I do.
One of places I would love to go visit is definitely New York.

Wishes and dreams can come true, you just have to strongly
believe that they will and they will :)


This month, Friday 27th I'll visit Finnish Catwalk event in the
city center. It's one day fashion event where many finnish
designers represent their collections for the upcoming season.
It's very new event, so far it's been held only twice, but it's
a very promising event and it attracts a lot of visitors.
I'll write about this event and take some photos, so be sure
to read more about it later on this month :)


  1. Oh that's great that you've been with your man for that long and it's really nice to have someone like that. :) And I hope you have a great great year ahead of you. :)

  2. Nice post !
    thanks for the lovely comment !


  3. Awesome! Lots of things to celebrate and be happy for this month! Congrats, big hug for your little girl!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

    Happy New Year

    With Love From, Michigan

  5. congrats for the anniversary!!!!!

    i follow back

  6. Lots of exciting things ahead for 2012.

    All the best in the new year and happy blogging!

  7. love this idea of doing an "inspiration board"! congrats on your anniversary! seems like this is going to be a very eventful month for you!

  8. Awwww! Happy January and I hope this year brings you everything you could wish for :)

  9. looks very promising! enjoy every single minute of it!

    Travel in Style

  10. Hi dear! Nice post :)

    I Hope you like and also follow my blog! I'm waiting for your comments!

  11. Wow! Great photos and Congrats...

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  12. čestitam i gorišnjicu i ćerkin rođendan, kod tebe baš puno razloga za slavlje:)

  13. bas slatko :) i pridruzujem se cestitkama naravno!a bas zanima me sta ce to biti sa 'in my closet' :D

  14. hvala vam a tebi sara mogu reci da ce biti jako zanimljivo :)

  15. great post! follow each other blog? :)

  16. čestitam na svemu i želim ti puuno sreće i postova, nisam ni znala da imaš kćerku, sigurno je divna kao mama :D jedva čekam slike sa Finnish Catwalk :D

  17. congrats on the anniversary!
    can't wait to see finnish catwalk photos :)


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