Thursday, September 20, 2012

MFW Gucci & Alberta Ferretti S/S 2013

London Fashion Week is over and flew by very fast.
Now it's time for Milan Fashion Week and two amazing
designer names have already shown us their collections.
Here we go :)


Very big difference from their Fall/ Winter collection which
was very dark and gothic.
Lots of neons, big frills, sophisticated looks and maxi dresses.
I'm loving this collection, I can see that it's going to set trends
for high street brands next S/S.


Alberta Ferretti is one of my favorite designer names
and I'm always smitten by her collections.
She's a synonym for elegant, romantic and feminine designs.
Her dresses are pure perfection! This collection was inspired
by underwater life and creatures.


  1. Your blog is really cool thanks for speaking of designers I don't know ! Great banner too

  2. Love all of these looks! amazing work! I am originally from Alberta :)

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  4. Alberta mi više leži, neobični materijali, kroj, boje...sviđa mi se :)

  5. I invite you to Sheinside Giveaway for $ 50 :)!

  6. i love the alberta ferreti's collection **
    geez !

  7. Great post--love all the Gucci colors and A.F. designs are always so chic and ladylike!

  8. stunning collections!! xx

  9. Wow, so beautiful! I love all of the bright and fun colors.

  10. Wow, i love all the beautiful amazing dresses :)

    Ina :*

  11. Gorgeous, nice blog :)

  12. That Gucci collection is so gorgeous! xx

  13. Oh my god those two collection are so beautiful! The Gucci one is so pristine and sharpe and the Ferreti is so floaty and dreamy! Love them!
    Please check out my LFW post and follow me!

    NCCB x

  14. I am obsessed with neon blue pictured above!

  15. wow I really loved this collection! some of the sleeves on the gowns were so pretty and well designed! very cool!

    <3 zoe ( ´∀`)

  16. stunning collection!

    xo Jennifer

  17. Adore those boxy shapes and floral midnight blacks. I've fallen in love with Prada all over again x

  18. The colors and the lace embroidered is gorgeous, the sequins are killing me. Love this collection is quite different.


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